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CVGW x Boom Amy: A Sweet, Sweet Spa Day


CVGW x Boom Amy: A Sweet, Sweet Spa Day

It was a peaceful summer day on Bygone Island, James M the Crazy Video Game Wizard aka CrazyGamerHistorian1999 (or just CVGW and/or CGH1999 for short) was hanging out with Amy Rose at her house far from Hedgehog Village. Eggman had not attacked in a long time and Sonic was off on an adventure on the other side of the island with Tails and Knuckles, Sticks had tagged along, leaving Amy by herself for most of the week. However, she would not be alone, CVGW had been in the area and, in fact, he and Amy had a special, secret relationship that almost nobody knew about just as Amy and Sonic had their own secret when it came to their relationship. CVGW and Amy had just finished watching the latest edition of the Comedy Chimp show and started playing music flutes together, this was one of Amy’s favorite hobbies besides adventuring and reading when not fighting Eggman. As for CVGW himself, he’d just learned to play the flute, at first he had a bit of difficulty but, in the end

Who Shot Alexander Wallace?


Who Shot Alexander Wallace?

[Our story begins with businessman Alexander Wallace walking home at night, breathing in the fresh air, when suddenly a gunshot rings out and he feels something go through him.] Alex: What? [He drops to his knees and suddenly starts to black out, noticing that he’s bleeding, somebody has shot him. Its painful, eventually he passes out, a bit more blood oozing from his wound.] [The next morning, a car drives up and a man steps out, its Jim Andrew, a mystery fan and a semi-detective. He sees Alexander on the ground, seemingly unconscious and examines the body before taking a pulse.] Jim: Whoa, what happened to Alex Wallace? [Soon, Jim is at the hospital as the doctors take Alexander to room 13 where they will examine him. The bleeding has stopped for now.] Nurse Tina: Who shot Alexander Wallace? Jim: That’s what I’m gonna find out. [Later, Jim goes to a shady downtown pub, he goes inside and starts to look around. He walks up to a bartender...] Jim: I’d like a drink, but, uh

Sonic + Lara Croft: The Yujunaka-Statue Chapter 1


Sonic + Lara Croft: The Yujunaka-Statue Chapter 1

Sonic & Lara Croft: The Blue Hedgehog and The Hot British Tomb Raider *** Chapter 1 aka Prologue: Ancient Ruins Found Welcome to the world of Sonic and Lara Croft, a universe unique and beyond the worlds you know from the universes of the Tomb Raider and SEGA’s Blue Blur, where the story of a lifetime awaits us all... A long time ago, an ancient tribe sought to unlock a great power that could enable them to use all the wealth and riches of the world for themselves. The tribe was a Mexican-South American tribe known as the Ratakyans, they honored many great and powerful supernatural beings of myth and legend. Their god of choice was the Senga Yujunaka who, according to ancient tales told by campfires, helped the entity known as Yahova Hathlic forge the universe, creating the many materials found within the Earth and other worlds from minerals to gold. In great commemoration of the Senga Yujunaka, the Ratakya used all the silver and gold they could find to create the Yujunaka

A Fun Day At Lake Hylia With Malon And Friends


A Fun Day At Lake Hylia With Malon And Friends

A few months had passed since Ganondorf ‘s defeat and peace was restored to Hyrule after seven long terrible years, it was a peaceful summer day and Malon was dressed in her swimsuit as she and her friends headed down to Lake Hylia for some fun. Malon’s Gerudo friend Elia looked very pretty just like Malon, with red hair and sweet blue eyes and tan skin. Even Marise of the Zora tribe was nice looking, she and Malon had been friends for a very long time, going back to before Ganondorf took over. In the days leading up to the rise of the King of Evil, everything had been in harmonious harmony in Hyrule, Lon Lon Ranch was at peace like the rest of the world, its occupants happy and content. But that all changed once Ganondorf took over. Thanks to the heroics of Link the Hero of Time, things at Lon Lon returned to normal and everybody was happy and content again, even Malon was thankful Link was there to restore peace and order to the ranch and the rest of the kingdom The redhead
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I have been a Sonic fan since 2010-2011, a Godzilla fan since 2006, a Star Wars fan since 2007-2008 and I've been into Mario since 2008. I am an autistic person with lots of interests and I live with my parents.

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