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Hydralisk (work in progress)

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modeled based on a concept art by Mr--Jack
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its amazing, if i may suggest a few things?!
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maybe im late, but theres a few things you could do to the hydra:

make a platform of creep, with spores glowing green, making a light source coming from the ground up, but mild in intensity.

background of a desolated planet in orange and red tones , maybe some jagged mountains far back, with black being the main body, like a past sunset , then use these reddish glare to be a faint overcast overall light.

scar some of the hydra, give it some exposed gunshots in the carapace, make the thing dirty and warrior like, and most of it concealed by the background light.

like it was at base, after dealing with a marines platoon, back in guard, illuminated by the spore near/right/front.

theres your scene.
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You have some serious talent, this looks amazing, bloody well done.
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Thank you, darren2709!
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oh my god,this is so realistic..i thought its sculpey or resin...breathtaking
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thank you, Skvllptor! I'm doing animation with him, hope the final render will come out soon. :)
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This is amazing. What did you use yo sculpt it?
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Thank you! I used Zbrush for sculpting.
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this really needs sub surface scattering >.<

awsome work
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true. Thank you, altermind! :D
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the hidralisc very realist
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Great piece of modeling :)
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thanks, john-reilly! :)
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Isaw this awesome cinematic trailer with this model creature in it. Nice job. Cheers
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Yep, Blizzard's cinematics are always the best. 
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This just made my day.  Awesome model.
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thanks, Jason! 
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*jaw drops* bravo my friend!
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đẹp á anh. :)
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cảm ơn em! ^^
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