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Red Sonja I

I made some changes (hope for better).
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breaking the padrons, Sonja is saving the poor men hahaha
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Very Frazetta esque!  Nicely done.
DoctorSin's avatar
love me some sonja
AZREAL258's avatar
Looks like Red Sonja's gonna get a new pair of boots.
CptGuapo's avatar
It would be awesome as a cover... Simply magnificent!
PaulAbrams's avatar
Nice one!!!!I hadnt checked out your work in a while- it always gets better and better! great color too!
thepumpkin-queen's avatar
This is so badass. She looks gorgeous. :heart: Well done!!
spongebum's avatar
olimueller's avatar
i especially like the composition and texture of this one.
mdbruffy's avatar
Fantastic. Been a Red Sonja fan for years and this is just great!
baldgoat68's avatar
Love the movement and the colour tones
NEWATLAS7's avatar
I'm being serious when I say this; I've never seen Red Sonja sexier than this. EVER.

This is the greatest Red Sonja picture I have ever seen in my whole life.
pandora1948's avatar
great work...feel of vallejo and rojas
kali69's avatar
I remember the quote of Kwai Chang Caine seeing this one: "The cobra is death".
A really artistic job. By the way, the man with long hair is Conan?
Ritualist's avatar
And god said: there shall be fine ass.
And there was. =D
ChalkArtist1216's avatar
...and it was good! :nod:
shadowyzman's avatar
SnowSultan's avatar
Great classic fantasy feel! Glad I found this. :)
CValenzuela's avatar
Halvar's avatar
Really like this Boris style!!! bravo!
sturmfeuer's avatar
The snake looks great.
Good scene.
Loopydave's avatar
Cant go wrong with red sonja! Love the colouring on the snake.
tenchimyo's avatar
this is very well done
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