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Homage to Lovecraft

I always wanted to do an homage to H.P. Lovecraft, the Grand Master of all horrors. I keep reading all his books over and over again, and everytime is like the first time, I surprised myself with all the amazing creatures, great landscapes and disturbing cosmic scenarios... a truly Master.
My favorites stories?: 'The Dunwich Horror' and 'At The Mountains of Madness'

Hope you like it.
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Reminds me of the very first time I ever read his works.  It was only two books but for the life of me I could just not put them down.  Great tribute to a genuine master of the horror genre.
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Awesome, meny thanks!
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No. Thank you for the giving Lovecraft the recognition he deserves :D 
The Movie Adaptations don't give any justice to the books less than 10 minutes into Re-Animator i stopped watching they went to far off from the book in such a short amount of time
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One of things I love about Lovecraft is that he looked exactly like what central casting would want the actor who played him to look like.
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And yet Lovecraft had his critics. Lin Carter pointed out that he used a lot of shuddersome adjectives to describe a mood of terror, rather than create one. (A terrible valley, ghastly marble, unwholesome antiquity,a hideous proof [a watch interred in an old grave], the door rattled hideously...) .

Still, his reticence pales beside that of Arthur Machin.
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I think Lovecraft's strange choice of words fit his type of story perfectly.
His stories read like they were written by an alien that learned English from a dictionary and a mathematics textbook.
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That descript fits Clark Ashton Smith who DID just that to master English.
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Just that? He studied Both a dictionary AND a mathematics textbook. I Suppose I will have to look Ashton up. :)
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 Sure you didn't commission Virgil Finlay to execute this ? 
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Haha I'm pretty sure!! :nod:
Yeeccchhh... Lovecraft. love the art man, but... His stuff needed Ol' man Henderson when he was writing em.

The man, talented though some think he was, was a strange, wretched little man. What people seem to not grasp is that when they read his stuff, they're seeing the world through the eyes of a sick delusional soul. Because he couldn't understand the world, he despised it and all within. He spent his days in his box and took spear thrusts at all and sundry because his rigid little mind couldn't wrap around things like the theory of relativity.

He was an outright racist (see his work The Negro) God and religious person despising nebish to boot. He was afraid of literally everything as well. Fat people, the cold, anyone who wasn't white, (his works on half fish people, for example, was based from his fear of the "Races" mixing) New York, doctors, disease, sea food, the list goes on.

He was a man to be pitied, but sadly a man beyond help
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Hail the master of universal horror
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Thank you for allowing The-Dark-Arts to share this great artwork on Lovecraft's 125th birthday today!
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Sure no problem, I'm glad that you liked it!
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Thank you for a new mobile wallpaper :P
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Niice one. 
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A fitting tribute to HPL.
Reminds me of that painting "The Hands Resist Him" but yours is way more artfully done.
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Cool, thank you!
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Great work! I love how Lovecraft looks. I especially like the background.
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Cool, thank you!
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