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Cyclone Ride Armor

By CValenzuela
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This is another all-time favorites of mine. The Cyclone Armor from Robotech: The New Generation (or Genesis Climber Mospeada if you prefer)
I couldn't believe it, when I was a kid, the first time that I saw the amor in action... I wanted one so much! :D
Hope you like it.
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Go ahead bug, twitch. I dare ya.
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Thank you for the fave!
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"Do you remember that old lullaby?"…
They DID make this model in an actual transforming toy. It was a total bitch-maker.
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wicked awesome!!!
I wish they would make them forreal!!!!
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No man, I mean for real, adult size and fully functional one so I can wear it!

But yeah, I want one of those!
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The Cyclone/MOSPEADA was one of the most popular mechs to come out of Robotech, with the Veritech/Valkyrie from Macross of-course being #1. I remember that at the time, even Go-Bots pirated the version of the MOSPEADA with the switchblade sword in the forearm, and made it their super-deluxe Cy-Kill model.…
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That is a total rip-off....sorry I was just interrupted by a most disturbing ad for Rogaine. anyway, what were they thinking, I would have sued them just for the thought. You don't rip-off ROBOTECH like that, ever.
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Copyright enforcement was much more lax in the 1980s. Robotech and giant robot toys in general got pirated and re-branded all over the place. I can recall seeing the Legioss/Alpha fighter jet pirated in at-least four different packagings that never referenced Robotech or GCM.
And to this day, you can find Gundam ripoffs at flea markets. Hell, around the holidays, they even run out some ripoffs from DaiRugger XV of all things. That's Vehicles Voltron btw.
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Wow, you learn something new everyday!

But the copyright crap you have to go through these days is insane. I know you want to protect your things, but come on.
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Cyclone armour is awesome.
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Muy buena ilustración, un clásico, y excelente charla en Inacap Temuco, Saludos. =) 
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Muchas gracias! Me alegro te haya gustado :nod:
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Oh hell this is awesome. Didn't think anyone but me remembered how Badass THIS was!!
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Cool, many thanks!
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Nice! One of my favorite mecha. Still mad that Transformers was made into movies instead of Robotech. 
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Macros is  one of my favorites to :)
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I recognized the armor immediately. I still day dream about owning one.
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This is so awesome! Toynami made some awesome Cyclone toys a while back, did you see them?

Also, love the Transformers you did!
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Great, many thanks!
and yes, I know the Toynami figures, very cool stuff :nod:
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