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Cosmic Thrills

By CValenzuela
Just in time for Halloween!!... I wanted to do an horror piece, but with some space elements. And also was looking for the perfect chance to put Vanessa on a sexy space suit!... and voilà! :lol:
She is an awesome model and a wonderful muse to paint!. I guess that she's probably wondering why in the hell I always put her in danger, being stalked by monsters and creepy things... but hey!, she can manage those creeps without any problem, right Vanessa?? ;)

Long life to retro/vintage sci-fi!!

Model: :iconvanessalake:
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it could be a tinsy bit less sexeual though tbh
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Excellent homage and artwork.
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people often say they wished they grew up in the 60's, me.... the 50's. 
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Will you release this as a print? I'm ready to buy!
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Vanessa truly needs to star in a Retro Sci-Fi B-Movie!!!:pray: May the gods hasten the day!!
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Really love this one! And that's got to be the sexiest spacesuit I've ever seen!
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Cool, many thanks!!
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Buddy, that is one beautiful piece of artwork. 
Love vintage golden age material well done

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Great, thank you!
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great artwork. love old sci-fi movie like this one.
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Very nicely done. You really captured that classic retro feel.
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Really nice work.
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...simply incredible.
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Beautiful Artistry… Perfect !!....puss puss Nikki
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Thank you Nikki, glad that you like it!
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awesome awesomeness! can smell the old paper from here
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