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Today we present a collaborative project I did with Sebastien Millon, one of the coolest, funniest, and most talented guys you’re likely to run into on the interwebs. To see more of his work, check out his deviantArt page or befriend him on facebook.

This is probably the weirdest damn strip we’ve ever released. If you get it, mad props to you. If you don’t get it, me explaining it probably won’t make it funny, but it’s worth a shot.

The yin yang is a symbol of Taoism (pronounced with a D), and Marcel Duchamp painted a mustache on the Mona Lisa as part of an art movement called Dadaism. So, if you suffuse one in the other, you get Da-Taoism. And Marcel Duchamp must be the father of such things, so he’s the Da-da of Da-Taoism, which is also a reference to a joke made by C.J. Craig on The West Wing—the finest art TV has ever known.

So why is he holding a sign in the third panel that says in French “I am not Marcel Duchamp”? Well, that’s a reference to another Dadaist, René Magritte, who painted an image of a pipe with the caption “This is not a pipe.” Why? Because it’s not a pipe, it’s a painting of one. And that’s not Marcel Duchamp, it’s an image of him.

Yeah. If that’s too esoteric for you, the coming weeks will see public bathroom jokes, tranny super heroes, and zombie porn. Seriously.
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This is Da-dorable.