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I'm running alongside the road in between thin spotlights of sun cast through clouds of gray. The gravel's loose, so I spend half my energy just keeping my feet under me, leaving only half to push me forward.
When they widened my road, they narrowed the shoulder where I run. They increased traffic and decreased the size of my yard. They screwed me. The notion, of course, was to alleviate congestion, but opening up the route just brought more traffic from somewhere else. It didn't alleviate congestion; it just spread it around—to my neck of the woods, or what used to be. I still run my same route, despite the somnolent commuters. I suppose I could drive to the park, but the idea of driving to a place in order to run seems paradoxical; even the notion of a park, a manmade natural setting, seems paradoxical, and I have enough of that in my life.
My knees hurt, which is the second sign that I need to replace my shoes. The first sign is that gaping holes have appeared in the
:iconcuttingroom:CuttingRoom 8 5

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The Cutting Room is a twice a week webcomic focusing on recently released and upcoming movies. We feature a new guest artist with every strip, and we’re looking for more talented people that want to take a swing at our characters.

If interested, please email us at

If we collaborate, we’ll add you to our artists page and direct traffic to your site.

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citytoon Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ei9 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014

 Hey Guys,

      I just want to say that you two got one of the funniest galleries that I ever seen right here on DEV ART and it just simply reeks of Badass awesomeness and Kickass greatness as well. I have a few of your Glorious funny masterpieces in my faves and really look forward seeing your stuff in the future. You two got a brand new fan in me. Keep kicking some ass outthere, homeboys and Godspeed all the way!

CuttingRoom Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
Hey thanks, man. Sorry for the very late reply. We had a lot of fun with The Cutting Room for two full years and two hundred strips. Then we moved on to other projects. I hope our archive is enough to keep you entertained for awhile.
prongsandpadfoot Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
watch this!
Langue-Skulptur Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Welcome to #Doctor-Whovians! For administrator-ly purposes I'm obligated to ask you to read the submission guidelines whenever you submit art, and to hopefully have fun browsing our gallery of awesome art. And look forward to our weekly Doctor Who Internet link blogs.

Have a Who-full day and don't let the Daleks exterminate you! :D
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Anime-for-president Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
How did he post this in the first place if he has no eyes? LOL So not reposting this
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You have been featured!:D
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