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Words are not mearly words.
At times they are, but only when no thought is behind them.
More often then not, they are symbols.
To a poet, they are art.
To the desperate, they are a life saver.
To Christians, they lead to God.
To the angry, they are weapons.
To lovers, they are a link.

To the victems, they are comfort.*
To the caring, they are support.*
To the brave, they are a call to others.*
....for others to come help*
........or that they are on their way.*

Words are many things to many people, it truth, lies, or in between.
But to me, words are anything but words.

(*Added after the WTC crash 9-11-2001)
My response to people who always say words are completely meaningless. I can't disagree more, especially in times like this. I've add lines* to this poem specifically to comport the victems, the families, the nation wide rescue effort (people from near my home have gone there because they need fire fighters so badly). YOUR words can help. Share them. Feel free to add them here. Words of comfort are always welcome.

.....ugggg this is all getting to me. :( (Sad)
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quarantine Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2001
Great poem... really felt throu... really sad...
scires Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2001
Good poem...

Lets hope that the rescue workers find some ppl alive in the ashes of what was once the WTC... this is so sad... =( (Sad)
southern5footer Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2001
beautifully written for such a horrific experience

Southern Chick: Country Girl, With a City Attitude
emoticon Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2001
I know how you feel. This is a sad day indeed.

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