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True Power
Heal what was wounded
Create what was once destroyed
Make enemies friends

Flawed Power
To be feared than loved
Ability to destroy anything
Overpower all
My first haiku... ok first two. :P (Razz) Based on a premise jostling in my head. It should be self-explanatory. Feel free to expound upon the idea in you comments. Red Crayon
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kodama Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
Incredible, it has such a depth that few poems acheive ^^ It has such meaning for me, true power is not the power to destroy, such a powerful concept =D (Big Grin)

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rjupiter Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001   Photographer
I love it.
woozster Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2001
I love haikus; very short and to the point, each word carries so much meaning. Nice going red :) (Smile)

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m-a-s-a Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2001
good ideas :) (Smile)
I like it!

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valkyrie Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2001

I love the undertones of the two [separate] hiakus comparing the use of one's power(s) for good or evil. It leaves a really deep impression in me, with all that's gone on over the last two months . . .
I love your work. :) (Smile)

emoticon Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2001
Very wise words indeed.


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babysista Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001
very interesting. very indeed. hmmmmm...

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umbilikal Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001   Writer
nice.....sounds like a general beginning to some kind of epic

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bluenine Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001
Haiku poems are generally about nature, yes, but they certainly don't have to be. These two poems are very good. Isn't writing haiku poetry fun? I love it. Keep writing, Red.

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supul-sinac Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001
hm... interesting ... arent haikus supposed to be about nature? ... i dunno...i could be wrong about that, but anyhow... i like the ideas set forth, and the contrast of the first and second poems is cool, reading them separately wouldnt give the same effect, of course, that might be why you submitted them together, but anyway... all very true and well put
kittenish Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, obviously, good choice of words. :D (Big Grin)

I love your writing :) (Smile)

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