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Scathe Revisited - alpha ver by cuttheredwire Scathe Revisited - alpha ver by cuttheredwire
Read me for the skin suite:
---------------------------------------- ------------------
Scathe Revisited [Alpha Version]
by: Cut The Red Wire
aim: CutTheRedWire
url: [link]
---------------------------------------- -------------------

original graphics and consept by Shoggot! :) (Smile)
Thanks for permission Shog!
...and thanks SanGuru for helping with that letter.

MadCow and EzPop program menu is ShortPopUp.
It can be used independantly. Has it's own read me.
By ()rm (thanks for leting me include it!)
D/L it at - other cool stuff there too.

Thanks goes out to Jark too, for answering a few questions of mine.
...and to Tananada & Jafo for encouraging me to skin for myself.

And thanks to all my friends at DevArt!!!

So far there are skins are for the following:
MadCow1.5 - Creat link with "Start in" in ShortPopUp folder for extra menu to work.
EzPop - ditto & set mail app to shortpopup
BS Player - rose turns red on hover, skipped some movie info
QuickNotes - cool idea: set "start in" to "my docs"
MyPad - ditto
CodeName2 Developers Edition ONLY!!!
Cool Player - kind incomplete... had issues with the app
SysMeter - set modem to twice actual speed
Beatnik - turn on date
Equalizer - fyi: new version just came out

Ten programs... not bad for a start. :) (Smile)
Note QuickNotes, CodeName2, Beatnik, SysMeter (& possibly Cool Player) form one skin.

Please keep in mind this is an alpha version. It works fine,
but I have a lot planed for it.

MadCow has button for IE prop's, & app menu for common net apps.
Ezpop has menu for addresses, extra mail apps, true connect

one more thing...
created a auto-program-adder for CodeName2DE
....with a batch file no less. :P (Razz) Early version.
Easy to add, easy to take away from end,
delete middle is a pain still. "/
cn2de has tooltips. That how you tell what's what.
when you add something it will open notepad.
that's where you can edit the tool tip
save and close, restart cn2de, and you're set! :) (Smile)
btw: set "start in" the same as the skin file
can have up to 20 apps

Good-night people!

(I hope that's everything. Man ReadMe's are a pain!)
{Man this is a crappy ReadMe. SanGuru's gonna kill me. :P (Razz) }
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chain Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002  Professional
that's one badass desktop... bit confusing for me, dunno what all that stuff is :D (Big Grin) hehe

Wish my XP desktop was that cool... Maybe i should find a way to customize it... but nah... don't wanna mess up :D (Big Grin)

:o (Eek) II Chain II :o (Eek)
teaspoons Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2002
thanks for dropping me this link, this is a very sweet set! The bs player is still my fav, tho, the rose is so cool! :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up

A fetish in the hand is worth two in the bush.
zlim Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2002
Looks good mon. Nice suite 8) (Cool)

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gottmacher Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2001
and after that amazingly long long description it's STILL amazing! Great, great work. Once again proving one just CAN'T go wrong with a giant robot built for destruction.

-[Transmission terminated]-
-mandingo- Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2001
wowzers...i like the color scheme, kinda wish i had a pc sometimes(yeah right ;) (Wink) ) the wallpaper matches perfectly, one of yours? ill definitley keep this in mind if i ever get a pc:D (Big Grin) great work!

-stupidity at its best-
dragonmage Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2001
though i dont use half these apps i will dl the ones i do cause they look sweet with that wall. ive had that wall for a while and never had any skins that really went well with it.
nice suite man

Alien s are among you
itirep Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2001
heh scathe was the first qn skin i ever used....

really nice job on the suite here...would love to see you add a desktopx or hoverdesk or nextstart theme to the group.....great work...

::itirep:: Crazy ::art for the slightly odd:: Crazy
hextr1p Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2001
Wow... I am feelin' this! Dare I say, "sweet suite!" Like Jark said, it has a dark, ominous feel to it, but it has that disturbed tech kinda look laced throughout. The wallpaper image just sets this off, and the rest of the skinned apps just put it all together. Really nice job on this pack.

shr00m Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2001
coolies..looks great =] id=84935.:.
san-tor Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
Way cool and dark.
Reminds me that I have to change my wallpaper image.

I was in bondage... right now Im swimming in a pool of Jell-O
-eightball- Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2001
wow...very nice, plus you got a jark comment =P (Razz)
congrats! =D (Big Grin)

looks really good, i like this a lot.

::Trampolines get us closer to God...catch me God, catch me!::
kai- Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2001
i really like the dark crome mix good job :) (Smile)

Testing... Testing... 1 [link] 2 [link] 3 ndex.html
sanguru Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
oo, a post from jark! Lucky boy! hehe, your welcome for the help, a great skin suit you got here! congrats on completing it, it is really great.

:step-by-step: the dance of life is learned
jark Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2001
very cool, ominous, skin suite here. i am really digging the design of this. nice work!

:: jark ::
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jark Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2001
very cool, ominous, skin suite here. i am really digging the design of this. nice work!

:: jark ::
:: deviantART Logo Fella, the deviantART Mascot Kiss Love Kiss Fella, the deviantART Mascot deviantART Logo ::
::[ rm -rf /bin/laden ]::
china Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2001
Scathe...I feel all warm & tingly inside now..ahhh those days =) (Smile)

I'd vote, but I still can't see it =| (Mad)

*Krazy Kat peeking through a lace bandanna*
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October 3, 2001
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