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I am one,
I am half.
I am two,
I am one.
For me there are no more,
but there can be less.

Broken I limp invisibly,
On two I stand tall.
I am not a leg,
I stand taller,
and hurt more when cut in 2,

I can mend to 1 when 2,
but quickly die when half.
I can see through you,
but no more than you show me.
I can be yours,
but olny if you are mine.

I come in many shades,
Once had many name,
but now have only 1.

I am one.
Perhaps more of a obvious riddle then a poem. Oh well. For those who are familiare with SanGuru's work, you see my inspiration clearly.
emoticon Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2001

Something to think over for the next few days. :) (Smile)
valkyrie Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
Though I've never been one for riddles (my mind is quite thick at times LOL I never get them ;) (Wink) this is really one to make you think. I don't think I've ever read a poem written in a fashion like this, it's very innovative and VERY original!

Your poetry never ceases to amaze me, excellent job once again :) (Smile)


sanguru Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001  Hobbyist Writer

Inspiration?! me?!

wow. hehe, I'm not to speechless to comment. =P (Razz) well, maybe not. Very nice job, I really love this piece. I'm still wondering how I inspired this great piece... wow, very nice. Keep up the good work.

question silence.

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