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lost, confused, and lonely...
longing to be held.
but how can arms hold,
what slips though my fingers

hurting - mind and body...
weary of daily pain.
how can I go on,
when there is no where to go?

trapped & tainted by freedom...
ideas surge unreleased.
what good are dreams,
with out hope of reality?

desperate... just desperate...

fantasies of faceless lovers,
(what do looks matter anyway?)
who give me pleasure,
(to counter pain)
by understanding,
without explaining,
(how I'd love to be understood)
they are a perfect place,
to escape to,
to hide in,
too bad they don't exist.

No escape for me.
No relief for me.

left where I began,
trapped, lost, and hurting...
Just how I feel. Some of the poem has a deeper meaning. Not in terms of ideas, but in terms of my life. Most of it is... just how I feel. :( (Sad)
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imperfecttears6 Featured By Owner May 11, 2004   Writer
That is good. It could use some editing and perfecting but the emotion it sends out is strong. Good job
cuttheredwire Featured By Owner May 12, 2004
Ya, I needed to get some stuff out. Can ya tell? ^.^;
chosenone- Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
As ~babysista said, everyone feels like this some time in their life, I remember my poem "My life of a poem" that functioned quite similarly that this... unfortunately mine is already around 2 years old, but a more recent poem with a similar style to your poem is my latest - "The Untitled Ode To Life."

Great work here, even though it's quite sad to read, it's been executed with great skill. I love so many devices in this piece, like "faceless lovers" really stuck into my mind. Great style, great work. Keep writing!
cuttheredwire Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2004
Would be cool to read those. This poem is pretty old too, actually.

Alot of it is actually about physical pain in my back that never goes away. It does lghten up sometimes, but also gets worse too. Actually, you could say it's really about how that pain affects the mind. All the tactility (which is mentioned often, I just noticed) is to have some help with the pain. Calmingly. The "faceless loves" part is were my mind trys to visualize the tactility, but a thought is not a touch in the end.

THe is my fav though. It ties it all together. Don't know if you noticed it, but it ends with the first word of the first three paragraphs.

Well, there's a synopsis. Been meaning to write one for all my poems. They help shed clarity and ease expression.
fangedfem Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2002
beautiful written expression hon! --you have captured the emotions so well...... Heart -heres to both of us finding the happiness we deserve Hug
nenina Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2002
awwww Depressed
yeah, I know wht were u feeling :( (Sad)

Kiss hope u never feel it again!! :) (Smile) I want U HAPPY
madcoffee Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
sometimes I feel the same way. actually I felt this way two days ago.

why am I here :? (Confused) why are you here :? (Confused)
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kodama Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
^^ Nice work, just remember dreams are reality ^^

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sanguru Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
great grasp at the words here. i love it so much. we feel your pain...
qirard Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002
I felt pretty lost and alone while reading it.
The "..." at the end kept this poem in a timeless manner expressing that no matter how things in your life will change afterwards this will always be something that happened deep down inside. Good work.
cooper Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
Shit, that sad.... Im sorry your left in this dreadful place... lovely poem though, keep it up, and take care

spunj13 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002  Professional General Artist
this is well written...and it's the truth ...

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umbilikal Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002   Writer
it takes a while to understand that happiness does not come as easily as you had hoped.....i wish you the best...

The Devil umbilikal
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craze16 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002   Writer
Wow that was really awesome! Totally understanding from my point of view. You expressed how you feel very well. I like this a lot:) (Smile)

khoa Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
that makes 3 of us heh, very emotional poem. *hands red a get well card* =D (Big Grin)

justafish Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
great thought development

hope you feel better soon! :) (Smile)
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babysista Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
everybody feels that way at some point in their life. i can only hope that you feel better now or will at some point soon. for now, this is a poem that portrays your feelings very well. Thumbs Up

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rjupiter Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002   Photographer
You and me must be some sort of long lost twins cause I know exactly how you feel. Somedays it to painful to breath, but cling to hope is what I got.

I like it.

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