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I am a dragon with more than a billion heads.
They spawn a die constantly,
but this is natural for me dragon.
They can seem severed,
but are certainly united... part of me.
Ironically, their neck are so long,
few heads realize they are connected.
In fact the head frequently fight,
breathing fire and shooting quills at one another.
They often group themselves,
and try to act as a larger head,
but again, often do not see me, the dragon.
Those that do see me,
know that they are connected,
in some way,
to all of my other heads.
Those that do not see me,
believe they are a dragon in themselves.
This is why the fight so often and so foolishly.
Those that do not fight,
or do not wish to,
have at least a vague awareness of me.

My heads come in many shapes and sizes.
All are either light or dark.
They can look like anything.
Some say I began with 2 heads and thousands or millions,
then reduced to 8 heads and grew to billions,
but that does not matter.
What is important is that each one is unique and special.
I wish they would at least this if not me.
Then my heads could grow beautifully,
like flowers in a garden.

I seem eternal yet can die.
If I lose all my heads, I die.
If I lose all but one, I die.
If I lose all light, I die.
If I lose all dark, I die.
Yet I need only one dark and one light to live.

Do you know what dragon I am?
Something for you to ponder...
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emoticon Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001
Nothing for me to add when everyone has guessed :p (Razz) . This poem is very nice.

babysista Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001
the metaphor here is pretty obvious and a slap in the face. send this to all the world leaders and see what they do =D (Big Grin) *sorry... lame joke* but that was very nice.

........................... Bug
sanguru Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
Are you a dragon of life? I'm confused. My brain hurts. School makes me brain hurt. :P (Razz)

Nice job red, keep up the good work.

step-by-step: the dance of life is learned
umbilikal Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2001   Writer

Mr. Dragon, are you bigger than a breadbox? Uhhh, sounds like "the dragon of humanity".
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September 4, 2001
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