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Gossiping about myself,
Saying the things I want you to know,
Conceeling the things I want to forget.
I am not a knight, not just yet,
Far from here i must reach and grow.

Do you beieve me, or do you see through me?

I want to be true to you,
but I don't know how to.

Who I am is what I wish to share
For I have no one to share it with.

So fustrating to be treated so poorly,
Not to be be seen for what you are,
and to deal with those with no manors.
I don't want you to be one of them,

So I lie...
I creat an illusion of what I wsih to be,
No weekness
No pain
No pitty
So I gossip to you about myself,
and hope you will find me intriging.
This one explains itself.
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woozster Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2001
A very intruiging idea, this gossiping. I certainly enjoyed reading it, although I have to say, some typos kinda spoilt the effect. But besides that, I really like it. :) (Smile)

.:they call me woozie:.
-or little smiling troll!-
Clair Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2001
Wow....this is so great. I love this poem and I can completely relate to it. I find the rhyming a good way because it adds more to the poem. Great job
babysista Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001
can relate all too well. this is very deep. however... the rhyming's very erratic. spoils the whole thing. but not much.

........................... Bug
btrsweet Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2001

ahem, anyway.. :D (Big Grin)
i love the poem, i love
"Who I am is what I wish to share
For I have no one to share it with.

keep it up :) (Smile)

sanguru Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
I find you very intriging. I always have. I just love my little chats with you on AIM. Speaking of which, I did that poem, so I'll need to get on and send it to you. Anyways, very nice poem, I know how you feel. keep it up, you're becoming a great poet.

question silence.
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