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As the Dragon
Hits the Ground...

A dragon falls to the ground,
Thunder is heard all around,
All men quiver at the sound,
As the dragon hits the ground.
Lightning thrashes in the air,
Terror rushes everywhere,
From the dragon's aweful stair,
As he crashes through the air.
There's no place to run or hide,
Fear will freeze you from inside,
The dragon's jaws, gaping wide,
Are the only place to hide.
Echos of a dragon's roar,
Are heard while reaching the floor,
Firey breath still does soar,
With the dragon's mighty roar.
From his impact comes a quake,
That makes all the Earth to shake,
While the dragon's fall does break,
Brace yourself for the Earthquake.
Silent, still the dragon lay,
Has he lived or passed away,
Watch the preists begin to pray,
As the dragon still does lay.
People crowd to gawk and stare,
So they may watch him lay there,
Dead or not, they're unaware,
Idle fools, they stand and stare.
A child looks into death's face,
Then, his eyes fix on her place,
As her heart begins to race,
She and death come face to face,
She can't move, or even scream,
From her heart, the terrors streem,
She wishes this were a dream,
But even there, she could scream.
The dragon now starts to stir,
The fall, the crash, still a'blir,
Nothing can he remember,
Half asleep he starts to stir.
Limb by limb, he stands slowly,
He's on his feet finally,
But his mind is still clowdy,
Thus the dragon moves slowly.
Like lightning from the sky,
He recalls the pain gone by,
With furry he can't denigh,
He casts fire tward the sky.
Villagers dart, dash, and flee,
As fear fills them completly,
Panic sets, chaoticaly,
Terrorized, they run and flee.
The dragon raises masive wings,
And seeing the fright he brings,
Makes chase after punny things,
With his out-streched frighting wings.
In the distance shines a light,
From the armor of a knight,
Boldly he has come to fight,
As he shines his fearless light.
The knight's lance lowers to aim,
The dragon now is the game,
Raging force with witch he came,
Charging tward his vile aim.
The knight meets his foe full force,
But the dragon heard the horse,
And tail-swipped the lance's course,
Disarming him by shear force.
The dragon then latched the sheild,
To try and force the knight's yeild,
And with the thust his claws dealed,
Managed to dislodge the shield.
The sword is drawn in defence,
As the end seems to commence,
He swung it with strength emmence,
And draws blood in last defence.
The dragon limps and quivers,
Now blood flows like the rivers,
From wonds the sword delivers,
While great the dragon quivers.
Anger through the cut does fly,
For this pain the kight must die,
Hatred fills the dragon's eye,
Flames explode and fires fly.
Silence falls, the smoke has cleared,
But the dragon's disapeared,
And the knight was left unsired,
Questions raised when the smoke cleared.
The crowd cheers to show its thrill,
But the knight must wonders still,
Can one blow, a dragon, kill,
But that won't stop the crowds thrill.
A modest bow, as he leaves,
Then his shield and lance retrives,
A knight will roam as he please,
And it is time that he leaves.
Though it seems gone is the fear,
And the dragon is not near,
In the distance you can hear,
A dragon's roar loud and clear.
This is a poem a put a lot of time, thought, and myself into. It's a hundred lines long, but worth the read. It's written in quatrains, and the first sentances ryming word is used in the forth sentances as its ryming element (except in the 25th quatrain). Obviously since it's in quatrains it ryhms and has even meter. It also tells a coherent story, though there is symbolism within it.

Here's one of my favorite parts::

There's no place to run or hide,
Fear will freeze you from inside,
The dragon's jaws, gaping wide,
Are the only place to hide.

I'd like to shout out a big thanks to ~valkyrie~ for letting me throw a few of the lines by her to see what she thinks, and for all the encouragement she gave me while I was deciding whether or not to post this work. You helped a great deal my friend. :) (Smile)
...did I mention this was my first submition?
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WarthogDemon Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008   Writer
Awesome. :o
vectrolis Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2002
i can see this in my mind as it happens
great imagery evoced

mahdi Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2002
badass*boo = hellacoo :B

//...that is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die
emoticon Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001

This is great to say the least. What I understood from this poem is that the dragon is like the fears in us. We are afraid of it and run from it still when it strikes us we take refuge in it -
(The dragon's jaws, gaping wide,
Are the only place to hide.)

But be afraid not here come Hope - the knight. He fights fear and fear dissapears. But he is somewhere around lurking in the depths of our mind ready to strike. Well that is what I understood from this poem. Overall a poem I would save in my collection.

And have you seen the film Dragonheart ;) (Wink)

:) (Smile) emoticon :) (Smile)

idlejam Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2001
hmmmm you dont see many people dedicate so much time to a project like this... i enjoyed this very much.. i can tell it took a lot of effort.. good work.

[ idlejam ] [ iji ] [ elle ] [ pimp slave ]
smk Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2001
this is DA SHIT!!!! i like!!

**good things in life are free.. like garbage.. hehe*
argylekid Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2001
wow...admirable not only for its length but that the quality remains high throughout....excellent work and great story as well....good job (rock)

[Our scars make us who we are]
SixpennySketches Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well... what valkyrie said, about the rhyming. and it telling a story. it's cool. you see a lot of depressed poems about life and such out there. i like those poems too. but this is a nice break from all the sad stuff.
valkyrie Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
It's really nice to see work presented in traditional quatrain form, you don't see this everyday. It's difficult to write good verse when there are restrictions and rules to follow, however you seem to express the story with ease. Your words flow from one verse to the next, making the story unfold with vibrant descriptions of the scenes and the action. One of my favorite lines is "Lightning thrashes in the air; Terror rushes everywhere." It really paints a picture in your mind, and that is a great quality of any story, let alone a poem that tells a tale.

I'm glad the dragon gets away, though . . . not just because it leaves room for a sequel, but because I really like dragons :) (Smile) I think this is excellent work!

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