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Anime sucks-now deal ....stamp
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Published: September 4, 2011
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Yes anime suck!(like i said in a previous stamp) now fucking deal wit it!

this site is full of fat butthurt,cosplaying,no friends ,anime drawing, bitchass lameass motherfuckers!

some of you are weak come talking shit to me on my own stamp, then block me like a pussy!how weak !bitch finish wat you started.

i have the right to my own opinion.i think anybody who likes anime is a lame ass bitch...bottem line...
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StrawberrypixelDAHobbyist General Artist
1. I have a lot of friends you moronic bitch
2. You can't spell
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Aph-Oliver-KirklandHobbyist Writer
I don't really se me why you have such a gripe on anime and those who enjoy it. I mean, anime comes in a lot of different styles and types, and it's one of the few typed of animation that anyone of any gender, race, or age group can enjoy, and anyone can make. And the people who you're calling names have a lot of talent when it comes to cosplay. They do their own makeup, costume, and style their own hair. Not to mention the cost of getting said items to do the cosplay can be very high, and it requires a lot of skill in doing so. Also, I know a lot of people who don't watch anime and they cosplay video game characters, people from movies, comic book characters, etc. And even if you're entitled to your opinion, it doesn't mean it's okay or right. :)
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I think he's right. Making exceptions justification for a majority of fans who act like total douchebags is not a good stance to stand behind if you want to debate opinions.

And anime is pretty artistically void to begin with. Don't lie to yourself.
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Aph-Oliver-KirklandHobbyist Writer
I wouldn't say so. I know plenty of fans of other animations who're just as bad, if not worse than anime fans. I can admit that the actual animation is pretty void, I mean it's pretty much the same for most animes witb little variation, but you can find some that you like or have quality if you look hard enough.
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Or to put it another way:

Why should I have to dig through this garbage everyone keeps tossing here if no one is going to help either?
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Except that's lunacy. If have to look hard to find something exceptional in a pile of shit, I'd have to reconsider my bathing routine.
There's a reason, if they exist, they are buried under a mountain of mediocrity. Because that's what people consume sans spoon with a shit-smile grin, asking for more to stuff their face with because that's what they are told to be happy with.

When everyone else starts demanding better, then it's actually worth looking into.
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Aph-Oliver-KirklandHobbyist Writer
I could say the same thing about literally every TV show on mainstream television in the US.
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True...what media doesn't have a ton of garbage.

But I don't have to actually look through tv channels to find one. I just turn on the tv and something is on.

I ain't willing to use the internet to find any anime because my fingers are precious.
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Internetexplorer968Hobbyist Artist
Grammar please. You sound illiterate.
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xXEl3ctricRainb0wXxHobbyist Digital Artist
1. You curse horribly. ^^;
2. "Bitchass lameass motherfuckers" lol, okay.
3. My god, your grammar and spelling is terrible.
4. Go back to school. ewe
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CrimsonRikaStudent General Artist
You, you should do what your stamps said.
You make a stamp on people should stop whining about anime,
when you are whining about your hate in anime as well.
WARRIORCATZROCKHobbyist Digital Artist
Amen, sister. I LOVE western animation, but anime? Not so much. :/ Especially it's fandom. DX
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ApocalypsePoniiHobbyist General Artist
how is 'cosplaying' an insult, anyway
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who said it was an insult?
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SnowCocoaHobbyist General Artist
Dude. Not everyone who likes anime is lame. I can see you've only met weeaboos.
A lot of what you stated isn't true about me. I'm not fat. I don't get butthurt. I don't cosplay. I have friends. And how is drawing anime so horrible?

Get a life.
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xXEl3ctricRainb0wXxHobbyist Digital Artist
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I can't tell if your trolling or just stupid :iconfryplz:
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DancerKat277Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fail troll is fail. Go back to your Livejournal and have your bitchy little teenage emotional breakdown there. Nobody's making you stay here. If you hate anime and the people who like it, then just don't pay attention to it. Also, learn the difference between an opinion and hate art before you get your dumb ass banned.

This stamp is difficult to read--red on purple just looks horrible if you do it like this, and the edges look horrible--so maybe you should spend your time working on your skills instead of purposely trying to start bullshit with people you don't know. Also, learn to spell. You're English is pathetic.

One last thing. I'm not fat, I do cosplays, I have tons of friends, anime is fine to draw, and how would you even know if they were lameasses in the first place? You prick. You don't know these people. You just seem like some ignorant teen who feels the need to BAAAAAAAAAW about things you don't like.

Grow a pair and move on.
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how the fuck can i ignoe the lameass anime when its always in my fucking face?

shurt the fuck up ya fatass bitch.fucking cuntface!
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DancerKat277Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You sir and/or ma'am, are the single most mature person I have ever met. And that totally wasn't sarcasm.

Seriously, anyone can troll better than you. Even me, and that's saying something.

Calling names is useless, and makes you look like you can't even think of a defense for yourself. So maybe you're the weak one here.

Also, you may find this useful-->[link]
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xXEl3ctricRainb0wXxHobbyist Digital Artist

He/she spells horribly, uses the word f*** MORE than three times, and does not swear properly. This is hilarious.
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