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Vicotrian House Living Room

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Interior of my backyard design~

Progress video:…

Star! Note: I don't pixelate the rooms myself, I use pre-made pixelated furniture and make a whole piece with it. Despites that, I still hope you enjoy my rooms because I put a lot of time and effort in building them!Star!
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This is epic! May I display this on my profile page, please..? :meow:
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Instant watch x2, I love the details and how all the objects are soo well-placed
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aww thanks haha, I'm glad you like it *-*
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OMW INSTANT WATCH! Your work is amazing!!!!!
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aww thanks haha glad you like it xD
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Where do you find the furniture? This is neat.
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I play Weebz, they have a really nice catalogue :3
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I've always wondered how you added like wall furni thats suppose to be for walls off the walls? If you know what I mean I've been stuck on that lately Idk how to add wall furni on a normal tile instead of on the wall 
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I made a small GIF on how to do it on Weebz (doesn't work on Habbo or any other retro) ~>… it shows how to make high walls, after you've done the room all you need to do is place 1x1 black holes against the wall and done :D
There's another trick that will most likely work for you as well since it's from Habbo…
Hope it helped
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NICE this is great!
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I didn't knew there was an alternative Habbo hotel, this takes me back when I was a kid and had a lot of fun playing it. I love this pixels! +1 for the nostalgia feelings.
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There are tons and tons of copies, I've been playing it since I was 11 and I'm still enjoying it xD
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The floor does that optical illusion where everywhere looks like it's moving until you focus on one spot.
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Really? I can't see it D:
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How long do these take you to make?! its really impressive!
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This one took me 8 hours in total :3
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