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The Bayou - Tia Dalma

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I tried to build the swamp house of Tia Dalma from the movie serie the pirates of the Caribbean, hope you like it!

Star! Note: I don't pixelate the rooms myself, I use pre-made pixelated furniture and make a whole piece with it. Despites that, I still hope you enjoy my rooms because I put a lot of time and effort in building them!Star! 
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Bulldoggenliebchen's avatar
fantastic! It should be a Daily Deviation
Pancaketophat's avatar
What program is this?
Cutiezor's avatar
It's build on, the original game is Habbo hotel :3
Rarazoidsaur's avatar
Your time and effort is purely admired, respected, and loved. You do so well<3
Cutiezor's avatar
Thank you for the kind work, hope you'll enjoy my future work as well :D
srmeyers97's avatar
Have you got tutorials for these?
Cutiezor's avatar
no sadly I don't, but you can request tutorials if you want :D
srmeyers97's avatar
I guess sure ^_^ I'd love to have some insight into how u do it even if it ends up I cant really mimic haha!
Cutiezor's avatar
In the mean time you can check out my little GIF tutorials on Twitter and my progress youtube videos :D
MooCowRex's avatar
Very cool layout. It would make for a great scene in a game. 
Sopheirion's avatar
beautiful work <3
Mila076's avatar
This is incredible! :D
soulforest's avatar
Cutiezor's avatar
Yes indeed! *__*
soulforest's avatar
Like a haunted house!
Cutiezor's avatar
Tia Dalma is scary, so yes kind of :3
soulforest's avatar
Idk what that is lol plz explain
Cutiezor's avatar
It's the scene of Pirates of the Caribbean ~>…
but without the people :D
It's Tia Dalma's witch house :3
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elegantslumber's avatar
How long did this take? I don't have the patience. 
Cutiezor's avatar
A few days at most, I have a lot of patience xD
Ripurii's avatar
The amount of detail in this is amazing O.O
Cutiezor's avatar
I did my best to please you! :D
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