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I’m new to devianart -
Where can i find one of the Jane dragonne lineart to color???
Question if you want to stream yourself coloring the work. What rules would applies other then artist signature or crediting?
RULES of utilization for JadeDragonne linearts…

All my linearts are free to use for coloring, with credits to the author of course and a link to the original in the description if you post your coloring on the Net.

Please don't forget to send me the link to your coloring so I can see how pretty my lineart became in your hands.

Please note that you CANNOT remove my signature or modify part of the linearts. Of course, adding text, background or other caracters to complete it, is ok! It does not allow you either to traced it or eyeballed it and claim it as yours.

Use of my linearts in a contest without my writtin permission is NOT ALLOWED.

Use of my colored arts is NOT ALLOWED without my permission.

For PRIVATE or CHARITABLE purposes only. Use for profit or commercial ends is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED. It is also NOT ALLOWED to distribute my drawings on other sites or elsewhere.

If you're not sure, feel free to ask me. I'll probably say yes.

If I say NO, please RESPECT my answer and don't argue with it.

Thank you for your collaboration!
Thnk you for adding me.
Printable cute pin up coloring pages
Quick queastion:
If i have colored a lineart from JadeDragonnes "Random Linearts" folder can i submit it to this group? As of now,there are no folder in this group dedicated to these colored linearts and it dosnt feel right adding them to one of the already named other folders... Huh? 
Hi Bente! :wave:
Yes, you can submit a colored lineart from the JadeDragonnes "Random Linearts". I'll see about a folder to submit them to and I'll name it Jade ramdon linearts... I think...
Dear God I'm so confused in my words and I hope that you'll understand what I wrote.
Thank you and have a great day! :D