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Aqours-Kisekae by CutiePantherEmi-chan Aqours-Kisekae :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 30 18 Colleen Clinkenbeard Signature by CutiePantherEmi-chan Colleen Clinkenbeard Signature :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 2 3 Johto Dex Holders If They Had Voices by CutiePantherEmi-chan Johto Dex Holders If They Had Voices :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 3 21 Kanto Dex holders if they had voices by CutiePantherEmi-chan Kanto Dex holders if they had voices :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 6 13 My Fairy Tail Shipping Meme by CutiePantherEmi-chan My Fairy Tail Shipping Meme :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 0 15 BurningLeafShipping-Happiness Punch! by CutiePantherEmi-chan
Mature content
BurningLeafShipping-Happiness Punch! :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 0 16
Classicshipping VS Burningleafshipping-Beach Time by CutiePantherEmi-chan Classicshipping VS Burningleafshipping-Beach Time :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 2 12 Classicshipping-Going to bed by CutiePantherEmi-chan
Mature content
Classicshipping-Going to bed :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 1 3
Classicshipping:A Divergent Choice-Ch. 2
I walk toward the Dauntless section and sit with those who have transferred. We waited there until the last girl chose her home faction-Amity-before we left to unite with the factions that we chose. Looking around, I realize that I’m the only Abnegation transfer. Most are Erudite and Candor transfers. There is only one Amity transfer. The Dauntless borns start lead the way while us transfers follow. After running a long way, we reach the train station and we climb the stairs to get on the roof of the building. I knew what was coming, the train would be arriving soon, but it won’t stop. We will have to jump on the fast-moving train. This makes me gulp, but knowing I have chosen Dauntless, I must accept that I must jump or I will die.
The first ones to jump in are the Dauntless born. One of the transfer girls tries to jump after, but she misses and falls to her death while screaming. Soon, I realize that I’m the only one left, and that I have to jump. And by jumping, I
:iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 2 9
Happy Birthday TVnGames 2015 by CutiePantherEmi-chan Happy Birthday TVnGames 2015 :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 2 2 Commonershipping-Happy Birthday Dia! by CutiePantherEmi-chan Commonershipping-Happy Birthday Dia! :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 1 0 Burningleafshipping-That Awkward Moment by CutiePantherEmi-chan Burningleafshipping-That Awkward Moment :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 1 10 Amourshipping-Gruvia Cosplay by CutiePantherEmi-chan Amourshipping-Gruvia Cosplay :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 4 9 Classicshipping: Natsu and Lucy cosplay by CutiePantherEmi-chan Classicshipping: Natsu and Lucy cosplay :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 4 3 Classicshipping: A Pretty Girl is Depressed by CutiePantherEmi-chan Classicshipping: A Pretty Girl is Depressed :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 2 3 Classicshipping-Sugar? Yes please! by CutiePantherEmi-chan Classicshipping-Sugar? Yes please! :iconcutiepantheremi-chan:CutiePantherEmi-chan 2 5


Hanayo Koizumi by jpop52 Hanayo Koizumi :iconjpop52:jpop52 4 0 Hanamaru x Ruby Stamp by MayMugiLee Hanamaru x Ruby Stamp :iconmaymugilee:MayMugiLee 30 3 Yandere Simulator: Rainbow six by Druelbozo Yandere Simulator: Rainbow six :icondruelbozo:Druelbozo 759 221 Holy Shit Guys You Gonna Watch this anime Now by endler Holy Shit Guys You Gonna Watch this anime Now :iconendler:endler 34 2 Pocky Game by AdrenaVeris Pocky Game :iconadrenaveris:AdrenaVeris 281 64 ____gakkou gurashi crossover by chiPencil ____gakkou gurashi crossover :iconchipencil:chiPencil 46 8 Yandere Simulator Skin : Koharu Hinata by Patatita123 Yandere Simulator Skin : Koharu Hinata :iconpatatita123:Patatita123 26 5 Evil Redheads by Meeps-Chan Evil Redheads :iconmeeps-chan:Meeps-Chan 689 127 Yansim - Katawa Shoujo Skins by wandeeforj Yansim - Katawa Shoujo Skins :iconwandeeforj:wandeeforj 12 0 Valentine Request 3- Red and Green by Spacesis Valentine Request 3- Red and Green :iconspacesis:Spacesis 3 6 Stamp: Kyouko Sakura by Karitsuni Stamp: Kyouko Sakura :iconkaritsuni:Karitsuni 137 0 back to back by 32channel back to back :icon32channel:32channel 216 9 K-On - Super Moe Musical by brutal-bianca K-On - Super Moe Musical :iconbrutal-bianca:brutal-bianca 122 85 Katawa Shoujo: Emi by AxlRosie Katawa Shoujo: Emi :iconaxlrosie:AxlRosie 121 18 Piggyback ride by RPCShell Piggyback ride :iconrpcshell:RPCShell 195 13


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United States
This is :iconcutiepantheremi-chan: You can call me Emily (which is my real name as you can tell). Or Neru. Or Emi. Or whatever you want. Well, I finally got to change my username! ^^

I'm currently a college freshman at a university in Washington DC studying Business Administration. Born in Chicago, I spent most of life before college in the Los Angeles area. My interests and hobbies change rather frequently. But one thing I can tell you is that I'm a huge shipper.

Also, I'm pretty sure I own more hats than a normal person should. (This is totally random, I know.)

The ID I have is a version of me that I created with Kisekae.

My backup account :icontopgengar999:

RIP to my Bank Account

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 7, 2016, 11:15 AM
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Not realizing that my core membership is automatically renewed every three months, I lost somewhere between 30 to 45 dollars (lost count of how many months went by too) that I didn't really need. At least I still get to use these nice journal skins, not that I use them much anyways since I rarely update my journal.....

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  • Reading: Math Textbook
  • Watching: Love Live! School Idol Project!
  • Playing: HunieCam Studio
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Powerade



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Ah, the good old Fist of Love! What a spirit killer! Being rubber doesn't protect you from that.

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