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Hi guys ! 

A few days ago, my deviantart page turned 5 years. Time passes so fast !
So far I posted 200 drawings, pics of the cuties, fanarts, commissions, art trades, big casts, small casts, less limbs.
And you're almost 700 following the page faving and commenting everything I share with you. 

As to celebrate this anniversary, I'd like you to share your thoughts, requests and all questions regarding the cuties or me. Considere this as some sort of FAQ, comment beneath and I'll try to answer all of your questions !

Thank you all for all being here, I'm really glad to be part of this community Hug  

                                                    ~ Cutie


 On very rare occasions, Amy and May part ways. For this occasion, they both decided to get a prosthesis.
May decided to get an arm prosthesis. She tried leg prosthesis but didn't like them as they were uncomfortable and difficult to put on.

On very rare occasions, Amy and May part ways. For this occasion, they both decided to get a prosthesis.
Amy decided to get a leg prosthesis so her arm could be free instead of holding a crutch all day long. 
Kate was checking her phone and looking around on the street. Today was her monthly appoitment at the hospital to check on her broken legs and she called for a Uber to take her to her to the hospital. She was standing on the side walk putting all her weight on her left leg with the LLWC. Her right leg with the pointed SLC was resting on the ground on tip toes. She left her place in a hurry and forgot to put a sock on to avoid dirt.
As she was standing there, pedestrian glanced at her and her green casts on both legs. Whenever she noticed the gaze of a person, she started to blush and getting angry at herself. She hated being in cast for that purpose, and two was too much for her to handle. She cancelled all of her plans for the last days to avoid getting out. At home, she was moving herself in a wheelchair, and when necessary she crutched a bit. She would take her wheelchair as well now, but she thought it would take her too much time to stand from her wheelchair and putting it in the car trunk.
After a few minutes, her Uber driver eventually arrived at the meeting point.  She awkwardly crutched on her left leg that was completely straight and kept her right leg bent a few centimeters above the ground to avoid getting dirt. Whenever she was uncomfortable or felt like she was losing her balance, she put her right leg on the ground on tip toes and walked a few meters. She openened the door and greeted the driver as she was trying to get in the back of the car. After a few seconds of strugglinh, she finally was comfortably seated. Her left leg was put on the back seats while her right leg was resting on the ground. The driver wanted to small-talk with Kate and was obviously interested in how she got her bright green casts, but Kate was ignoring him.
After a while, they arrived at the hospital's parking. Kate got off the car and proceeded to crutch toward the hospital entry. A nurse who seemed to know Kate came and offered to get her a wheelchair. Kate promptly accepted and after a few minutes the nurse came back with a wheelchair. She wheeled Kate to the doctor office. Kate was used to the procedure, short talk with the doctor, X-ray, then the doctor would decide what to do based on the x-rays.
The x-ray was done, and Kate was sitting in a wheelchair in the hallway waiting for the doctor.
"I have your x-rays there and everything seems to be alright. Your bones aren't completely healed but it's a question of time. Nonetheless, you will still need a cast change. The nurses will take care of that in a few minutes."
"Thank you Doctor."
Kate was wheeled to the casted room. Two nurses started to cut her leg casts. Kate was happy to see her bare legs, and not the green set of casts she had for the past month. One of the nurse was washing Kate's legs with wet wipes while the other one was preparing the plaster rolls. Each nurse took care of one Kate's leg. They started by applying a stocking and proceeded to cast Kate legs.
"Do you want colored casts ? Green perhaps ?" asked one of the nurse.
"No, it's fine as it is. I don't want any color this time."
Once the casts were done, they put Kate's legs in the slings attached to the bed to let the casts dry. As they were leaving, the nurses said they will come back in a few minutes. Kate glanced at her casts and noticed both her ankles are bend at 90 degrees.
"It means they'll attach a walking heel." thought Kate.
She took out her phone while waiting for the nurses to come back. She just recieved a message from Emma saying she'll come to her place with some wine as it's been a while they didn't see each other. The new casts were starting to make Kate's legs itchy and the cast change made her bones hurt again. The thought of drinking wine this evening was relieving as it would kill the pain a bit.
After a while, one of the nurse came back and checked on Kate's fresh casts and gently took out Kate's legs off the slings. Kate quickly spotted the other nurse who came in the casting room as well with something, probably with the heels for her casts, she didn't saw well since she was busy texting.  Once she was done replying to her messages, she put her phone back in her bag and took a look at the nurses job.

"What the f-... What is this ?!" yelled Kate, at the sight of the nurses casting a bar between her casted legs.
"Doctors orders ma'am. Didn't he tell you ?" replied calmly one nurse.
"Of course not ! I would never agree to that ! Where is he ? I want to see him ! Take me to him !"
"He already finished his shift and went home." told Kate the other nurse. Kate crossed her arm furious. The nurses looked at each other and shruged.
"You'll be free to go in less than hour, after the cast is completely dry."
"Go ?! How ? You expect me to crutch with my legs like this ? "
"Don't worry about that, we'll discuss it later."
Both nurses left the room. Kate was looking at the bar immobilizing her legs. She already had different set of casts, but this one was completely new to her. She tried to move her legs, but all she could do was rotating her hips in order to change the position of her legs. Her anger was vanishing slowly as she started to think that it was better for her legs and she'll be cast free sooner. She took her phone and snapped a photo of her casted legs sending a message to Emma explaining the situation at the hospital. Her phone ringed after a few seconds to notify her of a new message. Kate red Emma's answer and dropped her phone, shocked. "That's true ! How am I going to change my panties !"

Half Body Cast
A month ago, Vera's heel broke on her boot while she was getting off the bus leading her to fall hard on the ground and breaking her femur in her right leg and getting a slight back injury. At first, the doctors wanted to put her in long leg cast, but due to previous "accident" with slipping casts off her stump, they went for a hip spica cast.
Doctor Estelle Gippson, who stumble upon Vera's X-Ray, suggested a bigger cast, since she noticed that Vera was getting a slight scoliosis due to her crutching often and thus leaning on one side. Vera agreed immediatly for the treatment as it meant one thing : getting more and a bigger cast.
She then was placed in the half body cast. Her arm was placed above her head for corrective purpose and to her leg cast was attached a peg leg to allow her to walk as soon as the fracture will heal a bit. Even tho Vera got a peg leg attached to her cast, she wasn't allowed to walk or stand for at least a month. Vera was upset at first of not being able to get out and walk a bit on her own, but the nurses often took her outside in a special wheelchair.
A month has past, and Vera was finally allowed to stand and walk in her cast. With the help of a nurse, she was first getting accostumed to half of her body being immobilized and to the peg leg that was attached at the end of her casted leg stump. After a while, Vera finally walked alone without anyone's help and was wandering around the hospital's hall showing off her bizarre cast.
Lottery Commission [05/18] - A quiet Sunday snack
Lottery comimission done for Tom on Patreon who asked for Rouge enjoying a coffee on a Sunday (and it's Sunday today, perfect time to publish it today ! )

Variations available on my Patreon


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