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[MMD] Twin/Ponytail Pack DL


phew... F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 by SuperSarcosmic
that's ALL the hair pieces ripped, now i have to do the many accessories and clothes!

tip: if some of the hairs don't follow the model, change the hair bones that say -1 to whatever number the head bone is

Shooting Star Divider by King-Lulu-Deer


Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth Credit the ripper (cutiebxt) and the developers (KISS)
Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth You are free to distribute on finished models, bases, and as a hair edit (the hair MUST at least be attached to any type of back hair to distribute a hair edit, do not distribute the extension only)
Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth You are free to edit textures, physics, and the actual hair
Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth You are free to use in any way whether it be gore or r-18, but make sure the model you use is ok with that too

this isn't a must, but if you want to, link me back to your work so i can admire it!
or @ me and i'll add it to my favourites folder!

DL ♡ CM3D2 Extensions

rip: cutiebxt
Hairs: KISS
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the link dose not work I'm sorry

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This is suuper late but if you're having trouble downloading it, make sure you're logged into stash and refresh the page before downloading any files, cause stash gives you the 404 error message if you're not logged into it first.

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I can't dl in stash. Did you removed it or sth?

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Dl'd thank you !

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i'm sorry but the textures are weird-

can't download it... it keep saying error :( always happened on

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Omg, That's custom cast stuff! If you know how to get my own model out of the app, can you tell please!!!

files on stash won't let me dl :C

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Thanks, it's so wonderful uwu DL!

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The hair textures are overbrighted 😳

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Hi! they are pretty cool but idk why, when i put them on my model, they dont follow the whole body, can you help me? ( i tried the tip but didn't work qwq )

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Sorry, WHat?

I can confirm that those are 100% made by BrokenD-Melancholia and your affirmations are wrong.

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If you actually looked, no, they’re not. They’re 100% made from scratch by brokenD-Melancholia


Um if you mean that BrokenD-Melancholia made a hair pack using cutie's parts then-

that's incorrect! She made those hairs from scratch herself she didn't redistribute anyones work <3

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If you meant that I'm redistributing someone else's work...then..

Excuse me ?

I'm the creator of those models and I own them. The models/parts you're concerned with are different, indeed, they have different uv, rig and shape. None of my parts even looks like them and I can assure you that the parts available for downloadable content are mine and made by me and so, i own them. My downloadable content doesn't include any third parts or models, neither meshes ripped from games. Your false accusations are based on nothing. You clearly didn't even downloaded my parts and looked at them. I spent hours on it even weeks on it. Moreover, I even shared WIPs on Discord Server. This is extremely disrespectful.

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It's better to check and verify what you say before saying it (to avoid this kind of awkward situation).

It's okay for now, simply delete that comment.

I can't download the page because it says it doesn't exist. Help me.

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Downloaded, thanks!~

Downloaded, thank you!

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