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[MMD] Sour Eye Colour Pack DL

hoiiii some eye colours this time  Emoji29 by Emoji-icon
pastels are my favourite!

Shooting Star Divider by King-Lulu-Deer


Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth Credit cutiebxt and sour
Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth Distribute on finished models only
Heart Tilt Bullet by kicked-in-teeth You are free to edit textures

this isn't a must, but if you want to, link me back to your work so i can admire it!
or @ me and i'll add it to my favourites folder!

DL ♡ Sour Eye Colours
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the st.ash doesn't work

hi! I am unable to download anything by stash ;-; it just takes me to a "404 not found" page... Is there any way I can get the textures?? I've searched everywhere but didn't find a way to download them...

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refresh and be a bit more quicker this time around since da usually times out after a certain amount of time

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Im having the same problem, i've tried on different accounts and done what you've said and it still doesn't work, do you have ideas?

KandiMMD's avatar

Welp, try click on the small button on the right

(that was sent from my old acc)

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Hello! I absoutly love these and I am able to download, but sadly my computer doesn't accept .rar files. By any chance are you able to make a .zip file???

KandiMMD's avatar

Fucking seriously!?!? Just fucking download fucking 7zip or something instead of making fucking shitty excuses

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wow, im only leaving comments here but you keep your replies with swearing to yourself. unless you have a way to reword it without sounding like a karen, i suggest you consider doing so <3

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Who the ones having error in DL: Click here on the "image" not on the green arrow button.

Screenshot 1
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the option you click doesn't affect it, you just need to log into your stash if you aren't logged into it

You should refresh the page or log into stash again! This method will not work!

I tried both but none works for me ;-;

And what? Either I didn’t understand something, or else it doesn’t work like that.

its an 404 error

казалось, я нашла идеальные глазки, но выдает ошибку "не найдено..."

to fix it exit out the tab then press the stash link again

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File link broke, Please fix! I would dl if it was working Plus these are so cute!

Akirahoes's avatar

It isnt broken

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