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Scared StevexReader Chapter Eleven
    The team was back on the quin jet. Everyone was silent, except for Tony, who was on a call with someone. Bruce was shirtless and shivering. He had lost control and the Hulk had destroyed a South African city. He was very obviously beating himself up about it. You knew exactly how he felt.
    Every time you closed your eyes you saw Steve's blank eyes staring up at you. Wanda's induced visions always showed your worst fears. You hadn't wanted to admit it yet, but you were afraid of killing Steve. Not just literally, but what if you broke his heart? Or, (you hated the thought) he broke yours. It doesn't matter. We're just friends! You told yourself. Not even that. Not after what I've done... He could never forgive me... Could you even forgive yourself?
    You leaned your head back and looked at the ceiling. Your eyes felt wet, but you didn't dare reach up to brush the wetness away, in fear of someone seeing you cry. The
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Ten
    How long had it been since Steve had left? Minutes? Hours? Days? You had no clue. But after lifetimes of sitting and waiting, locked away, someone finally entered. It was Bruce. He seemed to have little cuts all over his arms, almost like shards of glass had cut him.
    "We need your help." He said calmly. The energy field wall made it impossible to tell what he was feeling. You simply shook your head.
    "What for? You locked me in here so that I couldn't hurt anybody. And quite frankly, I agree with you." Your voice was hoarse after what felt like millenniums of no use.
    "Look," he started, pulling a chair up to the 'empty' wall. "There is a killer A.I. robot that me and Tony built on the run, it took the scepter, and the world could possibly come to an end at any moment. So we could really use your help." You blinked at him. What the heck?
    "Killer A.I. robot... That you and Tony built..."
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Nine
    You walked down the hallway rubbing your eyes. You hadn't slept the night before, and now you were absolutely exhausted. You turned a corner and found the kitchen. Tony was no where to be seen, but a pot of coffee sat on the counter. You took a few tentative steps inside and turned to the pantry.
    You tensed when someone came up behind you. You turned to attack, but found a tall blonde man with huge muscles bulging through his arms. Your eyes went wide. "May I help you?" He said politely.
    "N-no, thanks. I was just looking for something t-to eat." You said, backing away from the hulking figure. He quirked an eyebrow. "B-but, you know, I th-think I'll just leave." You quickly moved to exit the kitchen.
    "You're the woman that Steve rescued." He said in a deep voice from behind you. You stopped, infuriated.
    Everyone knew you as 'the one who Steve saved'. As if he was the only one who could be a hero. You had s
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Avengers Chat Room
A/N: So I have seen these before done by various authors, and I thought, heck, I could give it a try! So please tell me what you think! I don't bite! :)
tonystark has started a chat room
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Tony? Why is this my username?

Don't you like it? =D

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itsybitsyspider> Why did you change my username?!
tonystark> So you like your new names huh? \: )
tonystark> Thor, remember what I said about caps lock?
tonystark> You need to turn off- ugh, this won't get us anywhere. Just press the caps lock button to turn it off!
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SherlockxReader After the Party
        Sherlock Holmes exited the wedding reception, seeking some peace and quiet from the pounding dance music. John was married, and now everything would be different.
    Sherlock was slightly startled when he saw a young woman sitting on a bench, reading. She looked up when she heard him draw near. "Hello. Looking for a break from the party too?" She asked politely. He gave a slight nod. He was preoccupied by observing the woman.
    Her dress was clearly from a second-hand shop, her make-up was cheap, and her nails weren't done. She had been working night shifts recently, and she was nervous, seeing as her nails had been chewed as far as they could go. She had made an effort, but she did not have the means to buy a new dress. Sherlock wondered what she was reading. Intrigued, he sat down on the bench beside her.
    "Is it good?" Sherlock asked. The woman looked up, startled to hear him speak.
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Eight
    You woke up, and the first thing that registered was the pain. You hurt all over. Then you looked around and found yourself in an unfamiliar room. Oh, no. Not again! You felt straps holding you on a bed and you began to kick, attempting to get out. You had to get out. Not again, not again!
    "Not again, not again!" It felt as though you were just watching as your body kicked and screamed. You couldn't control yourself. You could feel a bubble rising up in your gut. Your powers were going to explode. "Let me out!"
    And then Steve was there. "Shh. You're okay. It's me." You started to calm down. You weren't at HYDRA. "(Name), its me. You're alright." He said reassuringly. "You're with me at Avengers tower. No one's going to hurt you."
    "Steve!" Why couldn't you just keep hating him? It would just make this harder. He unhooked the straps holding you down, and you kicked them off and sat up. You felt water on your face and r
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Seven
Six months later...
"Ouch!" You groaned as you hit the ground. You were training with Wanda and Pietro, and so far the brother/sister team-up was giving you a beating.
     Your powers had advanced very quickly. Faster than anyone could have imagined. You had found that your emotions drove them, so if you could find a way to ride your feelings, you were in control. But if you were taken by surprise, or your emotions got out from under you, energy would just explode out of you.
    "That one is your fault." Wanda said as she gave you a hand up. "If you hadn't fallen for-"
    "I know. I need to stay focused and not get distracted. Got it. But it isn't really fair if you keep messing with my mind."
    "And I could say that it isn't fair for you to keep knocking me off my feet." Pietro quipped.
    An alarm began to sound. "Red alert! Red alert! The base is under attack! This is not a drill, I repeat, t
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Steve RogersxReader One-Shot Blind Date
    You looked at yourself in the mirror and twirled. You were going out on a blind-date set up by one of your friends from SHIELD, but you were having a hard time deciding what to wear. Should you go for the 'girly-girl' look. Or maybe a more sophisticated look? You wanted to make a good first impression. Who knows. Maybe you would go on another date after this one?
    You sighed and finally decided on a knee-length (f/c) dress. It had short-sleeves, and it had a 'nice casual' aesthetic. The scoop neck wasn't too low, and your small black heels would go nicely with it. You felt like it might just be the perfect outfit. You knew that later, however, you would think that you had chosen the wrong one.
    "Better get on with it, then." You made one last check of your (h/c) curls and smiled. "Ready as I'll ever be."
    You opened your apartment door, and locked it. Looking around you saw your neighbor, Steve Rogers, doing the same. "Hey neighbor!"
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Six
The next day...
When Strucker came into your room, you woke up and found tears dried on your cheeks. How had those gotten there? "Come. We have work to do." He motioned for you to follow him. You stood, surprised. Was he letting you go? No. He wouldn't do that. Would he?
    When you looked in the mirror-wall you saw a broken, tired girl with matted (H/L) (H/C) hair. Your face was bloody, and you had bruises all over. It was almost an entirely different person looking back at you than when you had first come to this place.
    You looked back at the door and saw the baron waiting for you. You hesitated, but then you remembered what Steve had said. She doesn't matter now. It echoed in your mind. You followed Strucker from the room. In the back of your mind, you heard a part of you telling yourself to stop, but you shut it out. Captain America was going to abandon you so that he could go play hero? Fine. If no one
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Five
About a week later...
You were awake, but you didn't open your eyes. You didn't want the scientists, or whoever was behind that wall to send someone else in to test you, like they had all the day before. Unfortunately, it seemed that they were going to make you get up to do their tests. Someone opened the door. "Wake up, sweetheart." A man walked in carrying a tray of food. You sat up quickly, and hugged your knees to your chest. You suspected that at least one of your ribs was broken, and every breath brought a shot of pain through your chest.
     "Something tells me that you're not just in here to bring me breakfast. What do you want?" You asked.
    "Well, I want you to show me what you can do."
    "You want me to use my powers for you?" You scoffed as you swung your legs over the side of your cot. "Like I would ever do that! I won't ever let you use
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Four
      You opened your eyes to find yourself in a small room. How long had you been asleep? The last thing that you remembered was sitting in the sterile operation room, looking at the IV bag dripping a clear substance into your blood. But how long ago was that? Your body ached all over. You glanced at the bed you were lying on, and saw that it was just like the one in the operating room. A machine beeped softly beside you, and an IV was still in your arm. As you moved to sit up, you found yourself strapped to the bed.  
    “Hello? Is anyone there?” You heard excited voices coming from behind a giant mirror taking up the entire wall, though you suspected that it was a one-way mirror. “Let me out of here.” You could still hear the voices, but they made no move to let you out.
    You kicked at the bindings and tried, to no avail, to unstrap them. “Let me out of here!” This time you shouted, wonder
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Three
    "I'm Wanda Maximoff, and this is my twin brother, Pietro. Say hello Pietro."
    "Hello." Came another, manlier voice. "It's nice to meet you." Wanda continued.
    "Do you know where we are?" You asked.
    "Yes. We are in Strucker's lab." Wanda said. "He is doing experiments too enhance people. To give them powers never thought possible. To help him defeat the Avengers." It sounded as if she was quoting a memorized speech. "Didn't you read the pamphlet when you volunteered?" These two had volunteered to be lab rats? To destroy the Avengers? Uh, oh. That might be a problem.
    "Um, well... I didn't volunteer." You started meekly. "I was taken." The twins seemed to be at a loss for words.
    "Well, you still have been given an honor to destroy the Avengers." Wanda began again.
    "You don't ge
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Scared StevexReader Chapter Two
    It had been three days since (Name) had gone missing, and Steve was miserable. How could he have lost someone he loved, again, just when he had finally been coming to terms with his old life. What had happened to her? From the looks of her apartment, there was a small struggle. It had to be HYDRA. There was no one else who would be willing to mess with her after she had helped him to take down the helicarriers.
    Steve stood up and crossed the room in his apartment. He might as well get some sleep before he went out to look for her. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Hello?" A voice called. "Steve? Are you home?" It was Natasha. Steve quickly opened the door.
    "Are you okay?" Nat looked slightly worried. "I just heard what happened. Do you have any news?" Steve shook his head.
    "At her apartment, there was a small struggle, but no clues to where (Name) was tak
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Scared StevexReader Chapter One
You had just gotten back to your apartment after helping Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) take down SHIELD after having been infiltrated by HYDRA. You had become quite close the soldier and his team, and when Steve had been taken to the hospital after falling out of the helicarrier you had stayed by his side. You sat there for hours and hours watching him, waiting for him to wake up, and when Sam had gotten there, he told you to go home and rest. He had said that he would call you the moment Steve woke up.
But now that you were home, you didn’t think that you were alone. Unless your pots and pans had decided to make some noise. You pulled out your gun and held it, ready to fire at a moments notice. You walked carefully, quietly, towards the kitchen, where the sound had come from, and peered around the corner.
There wasn’t anyone there, which either meant that you had just imagined the noise, or that the stranger was hiding. As you walked towards the tiny sit
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Hey guys... I really hate to say this, but I'm considering deleting my da account. There isn't any reason other than I have moved on in my life. If you want, I can leave my account up so that you can read the stuff that I've posted, but I think it's time for me to move on. You guys have been a  great community, and I am deeply regretful that I never finished some of my works, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. As a writer online it is becoming increasingly harder to get noticed because of the saturation of good writing, so I am turning onto new paths. I thank you all for being so supportive.
-Jan :heart:
Hey guys... I really hate to say this, but I'm considering deleting my da account. There isn't any reason other than I have moved on in my life. If you want, I can leave my account up so that you can read the stuff that I've posted, but I think it's time for me to move on. You guys have been a  great community, and I am deeply regretful that I never finished some of my works, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. As a writer online it is becoming increasingly harder to get noticed because of the saturation of good writing, so I am turning onto new paths. I thank you all for being so supportive.
-Jan :heart:


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Hello! I am Jan, and I want to thank you all for welcoming me to DA. I am an artist,
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Thank you to all of you who fave my works or send me llamas! I don't really have time to answer all of you personally I do my best! Also a big thank you to all my watchers! You are awesome!


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