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Hey everyone! Back from the dead called life. 

Just to update those who don't follow me on social media (anyones free to follow me); 

My little boy is big now and 3 1/2 years old. Ive been married about 2 years now to my husband of 8 years. And still diddle daddle on here time to time. Finally trying to get back into drawing more. So far so good. 

Anywho, I was curious to see if anyone would be interested in watching a live stream of myself creating art on twitch? My hubbs recommended I do live streams of how I draw and chat with a few friends. Hes ready set up the laptop for me and I created an account. Just dont know how to do it all myself and what to do :shrug: lol 

Would that be an intrest to anyone? I would go over line arts and sketching as well as how I do my coloring and maybe one a month do a free art giveaway like a free chibi of your character or any character? Just an idea. :) 
Hello everyone:wave: it’s been a very LOOOOOOOONNNNGGG while since I’ve posted anything but i do come on here once in a while :B 

i have a break break from school coming up so I’ll try to get some art in if anyone have a suggestion please leave one (NOT a request of your OC, just of my characters). 

But anywho, how is everyone? :)
Sorry for those who've been waiting for a sketch and art trade. I've been busy with personal life between work, planning a wedding and my son being diagnosed with bronchitis causing multiple hospital visits I've lost track of what I owe. I've started a few sketches just some are halfway done. So sorry for the delay I'll try to get them done soon. 
Trying to get back into my art style I will be taking SKETCH request. Please comment a ref of your character. They will all be uploaded on the same page. No guarantee I will draw your character. 
I created (yet again) another page. I will most likely be using both.  


and please read the journal on the page on what the username means. And share the page! 
I'm back from the dead. I want to start drawing again but I lost inspiration soooooo.... that's why I haven't been posting =~=;;;; 


im gonna try to draw something. 

What at do you guys want to see more of? 

Sexy? Cute? Chibi? Puff? Furry? I'm undecided o_o tell me what or who you want to see more of (out of my hundreds of OCs ) 

also so I have social media I'm CONSTANTLY on like snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. I have no life lol. 
Still on a hiatus til we get a new laptop. But what are some good art software for drawing ? I currently use GIMP but I want to try something new.  What kind do you use or what would you recommend? 
My dumbass closed a pen in my laptop so the screen is shot. -__- waiting to get paid so I can fix my screen. Until then, maybe some doodles here and there. 
I actually do take really cheap point commissions. I like to receive point and give them to others. Plus it gives me something to do while im waiting to pop. 

Here are the prices 

Puff point commissions: goes by # of characters. 

Line art (add 100 more for flat color. transparent will be default bg )

1=200 2=400 3=600

Fully colored (full shading and background picture will have transparent background )

1=400 2=800 3=1200

(100 Points = 1.00)

Examples are in my gallery. 

Im only taking 5 at a time. Please either comment or note your reference or description of character if you want me to create one. 


1. smithandcompanytoons Super Smith and bubbles- full color




Ok so I've been missing here...not that anyone cared...but I've been ok on some parts. I work weekends for now until my boss moves me to my new location (whenever that will be) and I start back full time again as manager again. 

 This year is gonna be very hectic for me and my hubby ( we gotta get good paying jobs and get a place soon before winter comes) and September-November are gonna be very hectic months. I'll explain why around that time, if your a friend on Facebook you'll find out sooner.  (Btw anyone can add Me there. I just post random videos I find funny and random pics and statuses here and there)

And also I wanted opinions. I'm still tryna come up with IVY's backstory. How do people feel about Sedusa and HIM coming together to create a child? I mean they're not gonna be a couple since no one would think they'd end up together. They only paired up to create a child enemy to destroy the girls since the rowdy ruffs weren't capable a few times. Even though IVY is just opposite of what her parents want her to be but she can have her evil moments and learn eventually. 
So I think I'm just gonna cancel the contest. No one's gonna enter it. So I'll just cancel it. I'll draw a gift for the one person who actually was willing to join. :shrug: 
For those who constantly ask: Yes i do accept points BUT for puff and reboot style only. The prices are on the donation widget on my page but here are the prices. I CAN negotiate them since i was told their to high but remember 100 :point: is equivalent to $1.00 usd And the point rate is actually lower than what I charge for cash...

Puff point commissions : goes by # of characters. 

Line art (add 100 more for flat color. Includes background if not transparent will be default bg )

1=200 2=400 3=600

Fully colored (full shading and background if not specific picture will have transparent background )

1=400 2=800 3=1200

Any concerns please note me

Also i have a contest going!……

Ive been through situations like this before and had to live in a hotel. Its not fun so please help him out! Anyone who buys a commission I'll color it free of charge (if its not that difficult )! 

:icondiseased-crab: his sketches are outstanding! You wont be disappointed! 
Okay im thinking about holding a contest here! 

Its just an easy contest: draw a family activity which IVY and her parents will most likely do. Reminding you that her parents are HIM amd Sedusa. So what do you think these villans will do with their daughter on a given day? 

I will have 3 places for top pics. You can enter as many times but best 1 will be chosen. 

Third prize will be a puff drawing (1 character) 

Second prize will be 1 month membership or points equal. 

First place will be a 3 month membership or points equal.

Please share this journal I would like to have ALOT of people enter!

Contest ends April 1st. (No april fools jokes lol) so its plenty of time to think of something and i will have money towards the prizes by then! 

You'll be judged on: Originality, Art, Background,  Idea. 

Rules: all 3 have to be in the pic! You can include more characters if you like but theyre the main focus. No Bases! 

Judging will be by Me and Greg (my bf)  and winners will be announced April 4th. Prizes will be issued April 5th. 
I havent updated... but happy new year 

Update on my life so far. 

Finally have a stable job after 3 months. Ill have weekend time to draw. Thank you Deviantlooker for donating towards my dogs surgery, the price has been reduced to $100.00 USD Since the vet offered missy full insurance so now we just pay a co fee! HUGE drop from paying 2400 (full cost of surgery..i know i said 1900 before). I'll have your gifts posted soon im doing another one as a huge thanks!

Update on my arts so far

My art so far is better than I imagine. Im gonna re draw the horrible arts from years ago and make them better. 

Im thinking of holding a mini contest to get my new OC Ivy known. Not sure yet. 

I think thats all :)
Hi guys

So we have a dog thats in need of surgery. She has a tumor in her chest and the operation is 1,900 USD. And im currently still unemployed right now and my fiancé and mother in law dont make enough to put money together to help the dog.

Her name is Missy. Shes a Jack Russell terrier and is 10 years old.

 photo PhotoGrid_1419867035598_zps8963a4a8.jpg

I've set up a page to collect any donations that we can. Im really trying hard to find a job to help get money together too. Its been 2 months since i worked and i finally got an interview today so lets see how the second one goes. But anything amount will be gladly appreciated! And anything more than $20 please note me and ill try to draw you a small gift in return

Her donation page
I know your all wondering where the hell ive surprise. But the past week i was really sick and dealing with a family issue. But im here now and i haven't forgotten about art i promised people. (Few are gifts :3) 

And im working on a new character...again. I already have a back story and few concept sketches. Shes an undecided villian in training. Goes to pokey oaks school with the ppgs but is bestfriends with princess on occasions and the rowdy ruffs are her step brothers but shes still conconsidered an only child since shes not a power puff...her parents are Townsvilles most evil villians. But noone would thought the two would come together to create this child. Any guesses of who the girls parent might be? :giggle: no other clues and ill announce the parents after i finish the drawing. :)  
I'm 20,000 away! First one to catches 88,888 gets a free puff pic, first to catch 99,999 gets a chibi, first to catch 100,000 gets a request. :)
I need to draw some CutiexMagnet art…

My little blue haired talented sis pianobelt0 is taking emergency commissions to raise money to go to a convention! She does very nice art and its only $9 USD!!:iconpandalaplz: 

Atleast help someone with a good cause!! :3 ♡