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happy pride everybody!! be proud and be loud!!
sylveon screams trans right!!!
     Trans Pride (F2U) Trans Pride (F2U) Trans Pride (F2U) Trans Pride (F2U) 
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Do you take art trades or collabs or requests?

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at first i said: a joke....but BRO idk if its a joke anymore

Screenshot 2021-06-09 032121
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I'm not trans but I do have a cousin who is trans and I bet he will really like this!

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heckk this is good

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Sylveon says... Heck you if you disagree with trans people having rights
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as a trans person with sylveon as his fav pokemon,,, I LOVE THIS THANK YOU


Y e s I love this pic so much UwU

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From my point of view it is not necessary to defend trans rights because beings trans / gay is normal, so from my point of view we should only denounce the abuse and violence that are perpetrated against these communities because they are abnormal and should not be perpetrated, on the other hand if the government does not change anything in the violence perpetrated against these communities, a Putsch / revolution is in my opinion the best solution, although I will preferred a more democratic approach (unfortunately in my country it does not mean anything anymore)

I can understand that it may appear that way but once you get deeper in, you realize that, despite trans people being more common and normal nowadays, things are still awful for them. In Texas, Florida, Colorado I believe and about four other states, they are pushing to make it impossible for trans youth to revive healthcare. Only 18 states have abolished the trans panic defense, which allowed someone who has injured or even murdered a trans person to argue that they were “frightened” or “intimidated” by them. 28 trans people and counting have been murdered in the U.S.A. alone for being trans, many of their killers getting away without punishment. People want you to belive things are fine, but you have to look deep to find all that is hidden.

(sorry that was so long I just feel really strongly about this.)

what barbarism ! its would never arrive in France, yes there are anti-trans (they can express themselves and censoring them would be against the freedom of expression, but if they bully trans poeple it's punishable by law on paper, irl it's not the same, bulling on the internet sadly is not realy punished, apart if you are a politician) but if they try to do that they would be arested (if they are found, to evry assassination they are a chance to no be found, this chance are a to big at my tast not only for trans but for evry one but i digress)

Sylveon is the trans rights pokemon, holy shit-

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What a train wreck of a comment section.

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Their colors match the trans flag.

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also who would be the pokemon to represent ace pride?

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Mewtwo has sorta the same color scheme as the ace flag
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This Is Beautiful

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Pride is for everyone~

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ok but sylveons colour palette was begging for this to be done

As an aroac, trans people are valid and I love this, so cute

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