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Raffle Open - Thank you for 260 watchers!!
hewwo it's bulaxo!! firstly i want to thank you for the 260 watchers, it's like,,, a lot of people!! tysm i'm so happy i'm getting some people watching me,,
so to celebrate these watchers,, i'm bringing an art raffle!! let's go to the info kaomoji set 1 3/19 
HOW IT WILL WORK++ kaomoji set 1 7/19
follow the rules and get tickets! the more tickets, the more chances of winning!  
you only need 1 ticket to join tho, if you're only getting one ticket, it must be through sharing this journal!
the winners will be picked using a random number generator bot through discord, they will be announced in a new journal! don't worry about remembering your numbers, i'll tag the winners!
HOW TO GET TICKETS++ kaomoji set 1 4/19 
share this journal! through status, poll or journal, and link it in the comments below! [+1 ticket pe
:iconbulaxo:bulaxo 10 36
Rowley by 102vvv Rowley :icon102vvv:102vvv 7 2 Koshi Vulp by 102vvv Koshi Vulp :icon102vvv:102vvv 13 2 Water Earth Fire||Eeveelution Adopts (CLOSED) by MediocreKit Water Earth Fire||Eeveelution Adopts (CLOSED) :iconmediocrekit:MediocreKit 4 2 Stained Glass GBP Adopt {OPEN!} by Vesiaura Stained Glass GBP Adopt {OPEN!} :iconvesiaura:Vesiaura 7 6
Mature content
Ultra Genesis Part 18: Bad Night :iconatlassniperman:AtlasSniperman 1 0
Breeding results! CuteVulpix by OberonSirius Breeding results! CuteVulpix :iconoberonsirius:OberonSirius 7 8 Blep by TragicallyComedic Blep :icontragicallycomedic:TragicallyComedic 9 2 It's LIT- 100 Point Adopts (CLOSED) by MediocreKit It's LIT- 100 Point Adopts (CLOSED) :iconmediocrekit:MediocreKit 11 9 At the Gate by MediocreKit At the Gate :iconmediocrekit:MediocreKit 6 2 MEKAnic by raikoart MEKAnic :iconraikoart:raikoart 6,804 104
Ultra Genesis Part 16: Leaving Melemele
In a flash of red light, the old man 'Hala' returned his pokemon to its chamber hanging from his belt. "Hmp" The man grunted, staring unmoving at the young man as the crowd grew quiet. Kaili refused to look away. As long as he concentrated on the man standing opposite him, nothing hurt yet. "The results come as no surprise to me. I must say you played me quite well there!" He roared with laughter. With long strides more befitting of a younger and fitter man, he crossed the platform to shake the young victor's hand. As the massive paws clasped around his smaller hand, Kaili felt a rock being pressed into his palm. "Accept this Z-Crystal!" Hala beamed, stepping back. Kaili had no choice but to clench his hand else drop the object onto the platform in front of him. Hala waved to a point in the crowd and in under a second, the boy Hau was almost shoulder to shoulder with Kaili. "Observe, boys. If you wish to use the Fighting-type Z-Power-" He continued,
:iconatlassniperman:AtlasSniperman 1 0
Mystery Reveal 24 by Strays-Adopts Mystery Reveal 24 :iconstrays-adopts:Strays-Adopts 9 5 Mystery Egg 024 - AUCTION - CLOSED by Strays-Adopts Mystery Egg 024 - AUCTION - CLOSED :iconstrays-adopts:Strays-Adopts 6 19 Smokescreen by MoonRayCZ Smokescreen :iconmoonraycz:MoonRayCZ 100 10 {PA} Tiny Flower Fairy by Zeria-kawaii {PA} Tiny Flower Fairy :iconzeria-kawaii:Zeria-kawaii 2 4


First shout from 2018!
Fri Jul 13, 2018, 3:20 AM
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can someone tell me the difference between mlp and hooved(not mlp)
Sat Aug 19, 2017, 4:09 PM
HELLO how are ya?
Thu Aug 17, 2017, 2:44 AM
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of course you can SHOUT! :D
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hey look its a shout box does that mean i can sHOUT
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cutevulpix56 has started a donation pool!
24,738 / 1
I'd like to save up for a Premium Membership of sorts, contest prizes, auction, be able to adopt, or commission someone :meow:

Please feel free to use this for payment of adoptions, commissions, or if you're just feeling particularly generous - every little bit counts, helps, and is greatly appreciated by me!

Thank you so much for the help! :aww:

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When getting dressed for the day, you: 

29 deviants said Put your pants/shorts/skirt/etc on before your shirt
22 deviants said Put your shirt on before your pants/shorts/skirt/etc


[PA] Massive Sheet
Here's hoping it actually all comes out properly, as garbagey and old as these all are cause of how giant this thing is lmao

In case you were curious: yes these are all old as shit, and yes they were all individual pieces I just moved around and shoved onto one giant sheet. Why? Because it would've been freaking 31 individual uploads otherwise and I don't wanna be a jerk and cause a tsunami of a flood in the group's gallery like that xD

Exp breakdown (trust me on this, it's a nightmare lol) :

Headshot - 5 exp x 11 = 55 EXP
Halfbody - 7 exp 
Fullbody - 10 exp x 22 = 220 EXP

Shaded - 5exp x 31 = 155 EXP
Simple background - 5 exp x 20 = 100 EXP
Detailed background - 10 exp x7 = 70 EXP
Advanced background - 20 exp x4 = 80 EXP

Total exp: 687 EXP

Please put it towards my snivy Spencer <3



All characters except Quin above belong to me, and the art, (c) cutevulpix56
[PA] Anuanu pet ref
Basic Information:
-Owner: Spencer Volkov
-Name: Anuanu
-Gender: Male
-Age: < 2 years
-Nature: Adamant
-Species: Houndour (#228)

Basic Personality
-Bold, tenacious, headstrong, ornery. Doesn't get along with most anthro/gijinka 'mons, but a little more tolerable of ferals. Definitely not a fan of authority, much like his snake owner

Background Information
-Spencer grew up on the streets of Po Town in the Alola region. Having much of his time to himself during the day and night when he wasn't in school or home sleeping, the snivy was out on his own in the tagged and tattered neighborhood, too young to be an "official" member of the resident Team Skull (although he was destined to join and identified strongly as a part of the gang since a very very young age) and his parents were rarely around for more than a few hours at a time. During this time, Spencer explored the fallout-esque city freely

One day while out, he caught one of the meaner local strays - a somewhat large scruffy houndour puppy - badgering and chasing one of his neighbors' glameows that the idiot always let run loose around town (although most people let their pets loose really, it was a wild place afterall). Spencer scolded the stray dog for cornering the cat, and stood his ground with a stubborn hiss when the doberman pup bared his fangs at him. Since then Spencer caught sight of the canine constantly, usually in his peripheral vision and following him at a distance and giving the stray animal some scraps of his lunch if he had any on him.

It wasn't until a few months after the first encounter during one of the local law enforcement's "policy routine check-ins" that the snivy kept a closer eye on the houndour however. During that excuse of a time when officers entered the city to write citations to fill their quota that the mayor insisted on enforcing, Spencer caught sight of his tag-along stray barking at one of the officers, and receive a swipe across the snout with a pained yipe from the man's billy club he used when the canine got too close with his barking. Outraged seeing his sometimes companion on the lonely streets struck, the androgynous boy approached. Upon asking if the dog was his and interrupted during his negative answering, Spencer was cited for his pet not being on a leash and causing a disturbance.

Not wanting to involve his parents who no doubt would've caused a much bigger disturbance themselves, the snivy said "screw it" and just grabbed the animal by the scruff and "led" him to the albeit somewhat questionable veterinarian in town. He initially brought the dog to the feral doctor to get his muzzle checked, but ended up being talked into having him microchipped and registered as his pet. Since all of the snake's money that he'd been originally saving for other things was spent on the visit alone (despite it being cheap as hell) and the undeserved expensive citation slip, the doctor gave the boy a collar and rope leash on the house.

After that, Spencer and his houndour, who he named Anuanu - "shadow" in the native language of the island chain region - were inseparable, the skull pair were always seen together and never apart; even so much so that often times other students would see the dog come up to the school gates to greet and walk his boy home everyday and go on walks with him throughout the neighborhood... Until the tragic events surrounding the snivy and his family occurred, and Spencer hadn't seen his pet for nearly two years, the boy taken away and put into foster care since his mother was gone and father incarcerated for life, and the puppy to the pound.

Once all of the foster "care" system garbage was sorted out and the snake found their home with their new adopted family, Spencer returned the short distance down the mountain to Po Town to revisit his old stomping grounds. After visiting his old home and usual hangout places, the snivy heard barking from a nearby yard that seemed to grow more desperate by the second. Curious, Spencer went to inspect the cause of the commotion, and was surprised to find Anuanu chained to a thick spike buried deep in the dusty cracked ground of the rundown yard. Overjoyed at seeing his now grown up companion, Spencer eagerly approached and hugged the dog, not minding being nearly tackled to the ground by the much larger canine and being licked with the hot slobber. A few minutes into their reunion, however, the old resident of the house emerged from his shack of a dwelling to see what the commotion was about. Seeing their connection, the old man commented that the snivy must be the 'special someone' that the dog always seemed to be searching the neighborhood for, sniffing the streets and alleys, escaping the yard to dutifully wait at the school gate to pick up his absent boy. He had tried to find the original owner of the dog in the pound he adopted, but since it was a kid that was sent away and gone for a year, the man figured that the reunion was a goose chase.

It was little thought to the elder to simply remove the chain from the houndour's collar and send the canine home with his rightful owner. Spencer thanked him quite genuinely before heading back up the mountainside to his new home, and knowing how his new family was with "strays", his dog's new home too.

Character (c) cutevulpix56
Art (c) cutevulpix56
Ref. Sheet (c) Navisaux
:iconpokemon---academy: (c) Navisaux


cutevulpix56's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Commissions - Under construction/Ask me
Collabs - Closed
Gifts - Closed
Trades - Closed
Requests - Closed
Kiribans - Currently Closed

DO NOT ask me about me selling or trading you an adopt that I've bought. I will ALWAYS answer no.
DO NOT ask me for art trades with you UNLESS you are an EXTREMELY close friend of mine. Otherwise the answer is no.
DO NOT ask me to RP with you. ESPECIALLY if I either don't know you or barely know you. If you persist after I say no I will probably just block you. It makes me uncomfortable.
PLEASE do not come to me and ask me to stop bidding on or purchasing designs. It's extremely rude and none of your business.

You do not have to thank me for watches, favorites, llamas, you're welcome! If I have it's because you deserve it!
You can if you really want to though
Heya! So after multiple people inquired about my commissions for various things, I figured I'd toss this out there to anyone that is interested in commissioning me

I am primarily seeking PayPal (in USD) over points for now, so PP will have the more favorable price listed. Once I have a more solid PP balance rather than nothing in it due to it being new, I will list both PP and Points rates to be equal

(My proper Commission TOS is still in the works, however I will reference my Breedable Commissions TOS as the most similar to it is supposed to be. If there are any questions regarding certain things that I haven't listed yet, please feel free to ask me :) )

Breedable Commissions:

>Simple to Semi-Complex breeds: $2.50-$4  /  300-500:points:
>Semi-Complex to Complex breeds: $4.50-$8  /  500-900:points:
   - Additional Foals: 0 (standard, no fee),
                              2 foals - +20% of the commission price
                              4 foals - +40% of the commission price
                              6 foals - +60% of the commission price
Number of Foals Total:

Custom Commissions:
>Simple: $3-$4.50  /  350-500:points:
>Complex: $6-8  /  650-850:points:
    - Additional items: Very small (earrings, necklace) - free, no charge
                                Small (beaded necklaces, bracelets) - + $0.50 / 50:points:
                                Medium (stockings, large jewelry) - + $1 / 100:points:
                                Large (large clothes, complex outfits, armor) - + $1.50 / 150:points:

I can do some CS customs as well:
>Cottonmouths - flat $4 / 500:points:
>GlassBottlePonies - range from $3-8 / 400-900:points: depending on rarity

Have a ton of examples (listed from simple to complex) :
pastel unicorn custom for Wentz98 by cutevulpix56 dainty unicorn custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 Bat pony custom for SpaceMina by cutevulpix56 Steampunk Pony Custom For Missklang by cutevulpix56 Sparkle Pop - GBP custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 Tropical Hawaiian Punch GBP - custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 Custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 sparklebutt - custom for Blumydia (redo) by cutevulpix56

Custom Type:
Anything else?:

Rebasing Designs:
Pretty simple - this option lets me put a design you have onto another base ^^ I'm actually surprised that a few people asked if I'd be doing something like this, so here's the option! XD

>Very Simple designs (few colors, simple hairstyle or pattern, etc) : $1 / 150:points:
>Simple (some patterns/details) - $1.50 / 200:points:
>Semi-Complex (very detailed, might have some accessories) - $2.50 / 300:points:
>Complex (incredibly detailed, lots of colors, heavily accessorized, etc) - $3.50 / 400:points:
        -Altering the design ranges from $0.50/50:points: - $1.50/150:points: depending on complexity 
        -**If you want a design on a base I have to P2U, you must provide for partial payment for me to use it if it's more than 100:points:

Examples: Many found in my Breedables folder listed above

Design you have:
Base you want your design on:
Any changes you want?:

(Artwork Commissions will be added once I have more solid examples listed on my page)
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AkiiiChaos Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello <33
I'm doing a re-sell kinda thing uwu
Do you remember for how much I got this bby for?…
I can't remember ;W;;
But I think it was like 100-150??
cutevulpix56 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Student General Artist
I don't allow resale of my designs, but I do do refunds now. Which character is it? The link isn't working anymore
AkiiiChaos Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh shit sjsjjddj 
I already sold it but I'll tell them it was my fault and give the points back! 
I'm really sorry I had no idea </333
cutevulpix56 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Student General Artist
Ah ok - I figured that that might've happened since the link was invalid and it was a couple days ago XD 

Once that transaction happens just let me know what you put for em and I'll send you the refund back <3
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I'm really sorry I didn't draw you anything for your birthday. I couldn't really think of anything creative... :(
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You're fine!! I don't need anything - just the wellwish from you was more than enough! <3
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Thank you :love:
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