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Commissions - Under construction/Ask me
Collabs - Closed
Gifts - Closed
Trades - Closed
Requests - Closed
Kiribans - Currently Closed

DO NOT ask me about me selling or trading you an adopt that I've bought. I will ALWAYS answer no.
DO NOT ask me for art trades with you UNLESS you are an EXTREMELY close friend of mine. Otherwise the answer is no.
DO NOT ask me to RP with you. ESPECIALLY if I either don't know you or barely know you. If you persist after I say no I will probably just block you. It makes me uncomfortable.
PLEASE do not come to me and ask me to stop bidding on or purchasing designs. It's extremely rude and none of your business.

You do not have to thank me for watches, favorites, llamas, you're welcome! If I have it's because you deserve it!
You can if you really want to though

Favourite Visual Artist
I have a lot of favorite artists, many of them I'm blessed to be able to call my friends. Go check out SpaceCinnaBuns and LydiaOrcatToon, they have lovely art and are even more wonderful of people<3
Favourite Movies
Rise of the Guardians is a current fave, fiteme
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dan Avidan, lately DNCE, Pan!c at the Disco, etc
Favourite Writers
AtlasSniperman, go check him out <333
Favourite Games
Pokemon videogames, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, tag, Duck Duck Goose, hide-and-seek
Favourite Gaming Platform
NintendoDS, Switch
Boo! It's been a long while since I've posted anything on here. I initially wanted to just post this and be done for the latest pride badge.. but I ended up choosing a pic of a combee I doodled lately. Bees in general mean a lot to me - I used to fear them, want nothing to do with them. I also used to fear what I am - a system, part of something I didn't understand, not sure of what or who I was or my place in it or the world I find myself in. It's been a struggle, and still is many days, but just like after learning more about and coming to appreciate bees, I've also come to appreciate the things about myself and my alts that make us different. Individuals in a single system, a bunch of workers in a hive, with the queen bee who was the spawn of them all and helps keep the hive in unison to function at its best, or at least as best as it can. After discovering this, I've also come to feel more comfortable about other aspects of myself that I hadn't even realized that I'd pushed
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Going dark on here for 3 days for the Sound of Silence movement in about.. 10 minutes or so?  See you all on the 4th~
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While I recognize that it might not change anything, I personally plan on taking part. It's about the principle of the matter for me personally Please consider doing the same if you feel similarly about this change, as I know so many of you currently do Stay safe out there
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Hello you might never see this its been so long but its soviettacos I used to go by sonicmariofan23 as well I lost the email to that account so I made this burner I don't know if ill ever come back to this site but I remembered all the time I used to spend on here and how we would chat we are pretty much strangers at this point but even so I hope you're doing well and I hope youre happy until next time.

You are awesome.

hey, i used to be soyawing/tsukostorm but have recently rebranded.

dont know if you still use da, but wanted to give my gratitude for your support regardless as i remember your name fondly even from way back then :") so thank you so much and hope you're doing well these days !!

ALL the folders in "The Art Universe" are full.

Thought you'd like to know.

The Photography folder is still full...would appreciate a little help...


Don't mean to bother you but the Photography folder on Group The-Art-Universe is full...thank you...

imagine watching 1.1K Deviants and wanting to check up on their art every day ;-;