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As I promised, here is Luna!
I did her a long time ago, that´s why she has her non-magical mane.
ok that´s all
also! I would appreciate if you check out these pictures as well!

you´re the best! thanks!
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Princess Luna's S1 Design will always be the best Design for My Favorite Royal Princess. Sure her S2 onwards Design is fine and all that, but nothing beats her S1 Design. It's just so unique.

-sad sigh- Just why couldn't they keep that design for Lulu though? :(
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Nice to see Luna enjoying herself!
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I love it! What do you call the thing around Luna's neck?
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YAY LUNA!!! :iconlunalaplz:
Esto luce muy maravilloso!!!! :D

Luna is best princess!!! free Princess Luna icon 
Happy Luna = Great joy for me :)
Thank you for the wonderful art!
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Thank you! ^v ^
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Three years old and still awesome.
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oh wow, it's been really three years since I did this picture
I kind of feel old xD 
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Smiling cuteness never get old.
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Love this, seems like Luna is having fun :)
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or: happy new year ^^ 
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:3 luna best princess you know it ( i actually i like her 2 percent more then celestia ;3
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I agree, she's really cute. U v U 
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ikr! who's ur favorite couple with luna?
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actually I don't have any mlp ships xD
but I'd love to see her with a fully-grown-up pip squeak.
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oh i find luna x king sombra cute! and i like pipsqueak x applebloom
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A beautiful painting, plus fireworks background :D (Big Grin) 
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