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I did Nightmare it´s time for trol-I mean Celestia.
she was really fun to draw...and color. x3
also! I would appreciate
if you check out these pictures as well!

you´re the best! thanks!
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only one ill ever worship 
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Celestia is best princess!!!!! Princess Celestia Icon Profile Celestia happy Celestia smile Celestia sprite Chibi Princess Celestia Icon Celestia Cutie Mark (Emoticons) Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D 
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a godess worth worship if ever there was one. 
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For some reason, I feel that Celestia would look good in this:…
Except if it was white instead of black.
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Wow. that looks amazzzinngggg!
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Hello. Does this person have your permission to be using and selling your work on a place called Redbubble?…
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no, I haven't given the right to no one to sell my pictures, if you see someone doing this I would appreciate to help reporting them to the website.
Thank you so much for letting me know! 
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You're very welcome. His account appears to have been suspended, so I'm assuming enough of the other artists who had their work stolen have reported him, and the site is supposedly fairly strict against theft, so I don't think the account will be back up. I hope as much at the very least.
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Twilight Sparkle: So, they are going into space...again. But this time, we sit this one out.

Princess Celestia: We are not the Tohous.We have rules. We cannot interfere,and you know that.

Twilight Sparkle: I just feel...useless. Like there are all this universe-ending threat, and we sit here doing nothing.

Princess Celestia: Did we interfere when Loki atacked Earth? When Ronan attacked Xandar? the many times the Daleks and Cybermen have threatened the universe? This is not our battle This is Linkara's battle.
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This kind of inspire me to draw,edit and make much more amazing art...Well,this is really cute and all,but I really wish to make art much more complicated <3
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Whoa! Do you sell prints? Or have a version of this without the watermark? I've been looking for something Celestia to get Nicole Oliver to sign at Bronycon and I absolutely adore this piece.
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hi, currently I dont have a shop to sell prints, but if you still want one I can sell you one and mail it to you ^^
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She's so precious, I've been lately liking her more and more thanks to the art of so many talented people like you. :D
That's an incredible picture. I love the smooth colors and painting technique you used to show her beauty. :aww:
I think that her smile is very charming as well. Celestia is truly adorable when you see her like this ^w^
An Excellent Work! Keep it up :#1:
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She's beautiful. Hate how you nearly used one of her insult "nicknames" though.
This person posted your art.
She even gave it her own watermark.
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thanks for letting me know ^^ 
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Wel ifs pretty 
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I love the way you did her mane! So beautiful!Heart 
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This is awesome! I used this in a pmv, but if you want me to remove it I will.…
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I´d like if have asked first, but since you gave me credit for the picture I have no problem ^^ 
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