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I´m Caro, graphic designer.

Life Update

2 min read
Oh man. I didn't make a single life update in 2023. So, last year I tried to open up a bit more and tried dating for the first time ever. I met a couple of really nice people and we're still in touch to this day. I stoped trying to date tho because it made me really tired. And I kind of accepted I don't want a partner, I was dating because I felt pressured by my family. But I don't want to do it. So I stopped doing it. My job has been going well. I kinda want to switch jobs since we're slowly losing our hybrid workspace which sucks. Also I got a new boss and she's so weird idk. I don't like her. I've been playing Bladur's Gate 3 lol. I love it, Gale is my favorite. I've also been drawing more and I think I've posted more than I did in 2020 -2021 -2022. Right now is mostly commission I had to do as emergency because of a bank fraud/scam. I lost a bunch of money, I'm good now tho. I have not adopted a cat yet. I don't feel it's the right time. I'm fixing my apartment (fixing the
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Life Update

2 min read
So, I decided to make a new update on my life near the end of the year since my last update was on march. My new job has been much better than the previous one, my boss and coworkers are really nice which is a relief. My mental health has been better. I haven't been able to draw that much fanart related stuff because I had a bunch of graphic design jobs/gigs. Something I'm really grateful for, because of all of this work I managed to pay ALL of my student loans, which is a huge relief for me. Feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. Sadly one of these side jobs will come to an end in december, but it's ok. I'm kind of looking foward to have more free time for myself, who knows. Bad news is we never found our family cat. Sometimes I see the last photos and videos I have of him and feel so sad. I try to look foward to the future, since this upcoming year I want to adopt my own cat for the first time in my life, but I still miss him. What else, been playing Genshin and Pokemon
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Hey I don't know if anyone still uses DA or follows me but I felt like making a little journal update. So, 2021 was awful. Got a job which, yay, but it turned out to be super toxic and my mental health suffered a lot because of it. Good thing is that I quit that job and I found a new one. So I'll see how things go. At least it has been better than the previous one so far. I haven't been able to draw. In fact I just recently begun to draw again. I hope I can keep doing constantly and upload stuff in this websie, why not. I'm playing the new pokemon Legends of Arceus game, it's really cool I like it. I also play Pokemon Masters, it's really good for a gacha game. I also play genshin, it's fun and hellish at the same time. Idk I like the guys. Our family cat went missing, which has been the worst thing that has happened to me lately. It's awful. I've cried a lot and I'm still looking for him but no leads -sigh- So yeah. That's life. Thanks for reading
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I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is a gjinka?
it's a humanized version of something, most popular gijinkas are pokemon, but it can be applied to a lot of things
hope it helps!
Hello, what is the origin of this word, gijinka?
it's a japanese word as far as I'm concerned 
Happy b-day *gives you strawberry cake* here is video Max Canada Lynx - I'm a Big Baby
Ur welcome, idk if this song is cool or not for you  - Metro Exodus Radio - Doroga (Road)  also you don't have to understand what he's singing, just listen.