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tsuyu (my hero academia)

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besides mina, she is also top tier

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tbh i can imagine this as adult tsuyu

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Best ass in academy :3

God, you could bounce a quarter off an ass like hers

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<<love the Froppy art!! its just the characters in the show are around 16...^^ keep up the great work>>

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yeah people don't seem to care that they're kids for some reason
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Actually I think the only kid there is the sticky balls boy

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all the main cast in MHA is 15-17 at most, so I mean it's odd in a way Idk how to describe it

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I'm 18, how it's so different? Only a fews years behind.

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I mean that doesn't make it any less weird? at least IMO

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Froppy booty!
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Best girl!!
Dayum, your art only gets better 'n' better!!! :iconsweatingplz:
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Why does everyone want to fuck the frog-girl anyway
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Looks like adulthood was very kind to Tsu. Very nice :)
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You actually mentioned Tsu and the pic hasn't been taken down yet?

This is unprecedented. Froppy Licc (GIF) 
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