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hex maniac against glass (pokemon)

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Could list all your stuff as my favorites, love your style.

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SO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT, bro all sex and shit aside, this looks good I like the squash on the body parts and the wet effects are great, keep it up man :3
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Without fail!!! Never a disappointment

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Superb work! Love the squished-against-glass detail!

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Love the detail on those curves...and are those piercing holes on her nipples, or just inversion?!
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Man, this is impressive

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I adore Hex Maniac and no one gets her better than you!

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not trying to compere myself to any one i know it's all about dedication and hard yet smart work

it's just every time you post you motivate me to not give up so i might one day reach this marvelous level of creative talent

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As always, amazing!

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deliciously exquisite, the shape of the body and the rain fallen on it give a beautiful and mysterious effect but with its purple eyes purple shine seriously I like your work

this is a great example of eroticism and genuine art

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Beautiful and darkly hypnotic!

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Nice drawing here. Speaking of Pokemon, I wish someone would post clips from the Pokemon anime onto Sakugabooru. You understand what I'm saying right? When is someone going to post Charizard vs Articuno onto Sakugabooru?

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This might be one of my top 5 favorites of your works so far. I'l love to have a poster or tapestry of this. <3

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That's a ghost i would like to see

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Great work! I still love your hex maniac after all this time.

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