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cm#329 minotaur mommy

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Damn she thicc
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thank you for this bounty of BOOOOOOTY
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How tall is she ? 

Good job on the lighting btw.
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damn she EXTRA thicc 
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Love those curves and all the details are awesome ^_^
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Always nice to see monster milfs.
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Meow, that's certainly an ass if I've ever seen one. OvO
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What a cute nose! S.
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  So, I'm curious here: what do you people in the comments below think of B.B.W. Art? I believe that overweight women can be as gorgeous as any curvy or skinny model, but it seems like most new deviants react to B.B.W./S.S.B.B.W. porn with a certain hostility, as if they are unnatural in human history, ever; nevertheless, I'd like to read your opinions on this issue.
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Different strokes for different folks, but if you think fat is attractive you should get smoked. Deviants are mocked and hated for several reasons - you may blame me for being in a place called DEVIANTart but, well, its cutesexy's fault for posting here innit

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the main issue would be establishing what's bbw and ssbw, people have got all kinds of different standards

i read some people say that any body fat over supermodel level is awful fat for them, so the range is quite wide
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Fat chicks. Size difference doesn't matter as when there's an issue it's just because of the fat and not the amount of it.

Just my two eurocents. :P
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 Well, from what I have heard, the general difference between B.B.W. and S.S.B.B.W. is size: B.B.W. are typically clinically overweight, which is a B.M.I. between 25 and 30, given the calculation of height divided by weight ( see here:… ), while S.S.B.B.W. are very clinically obese, starting from a B.M.I. of 40 to an immense 90. Comparing them to your typical supermodel ( I don't know where you live, but I'm sure that they would look like this : [… ] to one of these ( B.B.W.: (… ) ; S.S.B.B.W.: (… ) is like comparing night to day; visually, they are distinct in size and shape -- mere tummy flab on thin or average women would not qualify them as B.B.W./S.S.B.B.W., in this case.
  For the "different standards" issue, why not post a poll asking for your watchers' preferences in size? Not everyone will respond, and not everyone will comment, but this way you can see your audience's preferences on what they view as 'attractive', and you can put out content accordingly.    
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The majority of his watchers are supportive of the sizes he currently draws his women at. Just my opinion of course, but I think what makes his art stand out above other artists who also draw, for lack of a better word, "booty pics", and why I feel he doesn't need to change anything is:

1: He's a good painter who understands value, volume, tone and doubles as a landscape artist. That painting style benefits these pictures also, because the backgrounds add ambiance and he is able to use light and shadow in interesting ways that can visually imply more thickness or volume in the flesh without having to alter the form or structure.

2: He has achieved, in my opinion, the perfect juxtaposition of thicc but fit, and I think that's what makes it work for him and why people are attracted to the art in the first place. This is a very specific type of art that visually achieves a different aesthetic because he uses the proportions that he does.

Pushing the weight any more would alter the work and place into a different category I feel (like the ones you are mentioning). If he wants to do that he can of course, but I see thicc and BBW as two different things that achieve different looks and emphasize different things about the body that make them attractive. If you look closely at the entire anatomy of many of his girls, they have a thin/fit body,  thin to medium waistline, supported by strong back muscles and abdomen, which then support everything from the waist down which is bottom heavy (this is where the "thicc" is at). People who view his work understand, then, that this is his definition of "Thicc", and I would agree with it based on my own preferences within this type of art. If he makes the women larger overall (where the fat is kinda evenly dispersed everywhere like in some of your links), then he would simply be drawing obese women looking sexy, which would take this into a different type of fetish art. Since we know he's capable of drawing realistic anatomy and structure (his Cammy and Amazon pictures are good examples) it's safe to assume that how he draws the thicc women has come through trial, error, practice and, perhaps, a combination of what he himself is comfortable with. I don't feel it's on us to suggest he change this or cater to anything else, especially if the majority of people aren't sounding off....unless they are doing so privately, but this conversation assumes transparency.

Anyhow, you asked for people's opinions, and that's mine. Thank you for your courtesy in asking the question. :)
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 Thank you for your response to this question. I will admit that, in hindsight, the tone of my response to cutesexy sounds like a demand to change what he does as a hobby. It's apparent that this hobby has made him quite a celebrity around this community, and so I respect his work. I appreciate his expertise in anatomy and how he styles his subjects to draw in thousands of watchers in under two years. Again, I appreciate your response, and I hope you have a good day/night.
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You're welcome. Thank you for being polite and respectful also. :)

I don't feel like you were demanding, you were just being specific about your interest. No harm in that. :) In my mind and in terms of artwork, BBW is a spectrum of obesity which becomes visually obvious the more the weight itself is accentuated, and "thicc" is merely concentrations of fat deposits in specific areas of sexual appeal (namely the butt, waist, and thighs) positioned in ways to accentuate the voluptuousness of the character. That may seem like the same thing for both forms of art, but the differences in weight are too obvious and I see it as a matter of intention and message also. BBW is a sort of exaltation of weight and how a woman might own it in a way that could be perceived as sexy, whereas thicc is an exaltation of form, in a way that enhances or augments the body to an idealized state of perfection to the artist. I think cutesexyrobutt's art falls into the later, not the former, because he also does anatomy study, muscles, etc. as I said. He is more akin to a sculptor in that sense, using similar exaggerations that the Greeks did in their busts and art.

Take care of yourself! :)
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