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Miruko at coffee place (my hero academia)

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Right answer, Rumi-chan. Mineta ain't worth your time.


(list of GIFs doesn't scroll on mobile)

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Wow, Miruko looks amazing, elegant yet powerful, you really did her justice.

Also I found Mineta in the background being rejected by her hilarious, seriously did he really think scum like her could approach the rabbit goddess.

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wonderful work :love:

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Very lovely! <3

Mm ... I could go for some dark roast right about now. <3

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She looks awesomely beautiful!;)

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Awesome. Any reason she's calling her stalker?

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No, a potential stalker is calling her phone and she's about to press the reject button. :)

the stalker is mineta you can see that creepy midget in the background been a depresed loser Haha :Dthat was a nice toch

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That's a modern woman alright, walks around half naked all day then has the nerve to call a dude stalker🤣🤣🤣

Heroically sexy and gorgeously bouncy bunny indeed

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looks awesome, love the setting :la:

...oh is that mineta in the background? i thought it was a weird cloud thing :D

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Freaking love when you draw her
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