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Fish aficionado (monster hunter world)

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and Sinker!

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I'm SO GLAD there is someone else out there that cares about this ass as much as I do! Yes! This is the MHW art we deserved.

That makes me want to dive into... this Universe

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I did not expect this one super minor character that's just there to look over fish to get drawn.

I'm glad I was wrong.
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She was on my list of MH girls to draw, for similar reasons.
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Those fish she's eaten have definitely built up a nice butt. 
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That shot aw.

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Just wow !! Bummazing !! =)
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HAHA! I always tried to angle the camera on her! This is so perfect!
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Anazing artwork. Love the detail you put into this. Keep it up
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Thank you god for bringing us this gift
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Indeed shes quiet the loomed ain't shee
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I’m so glad I’m not the only one who kept focusing my camera on this glorious spectacle after coming back from every hunt.
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hahaha,you mean the girl next to the mission board?
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Ok, that is some ADORABLE "tushy top peekaboo" :-p <3. 

The butt in general is actually really well drawn (well, the picture in general is well drawn, too, but you get what I mean :-p). 
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the real monster ;3 
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