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#378 alchemy lab

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This may be the first SFW picture I've ever seen these two cats in~ And I love it~

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I love the mood ... every objects you put there. It's really amazing.
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Amazing painting! It must have taken so much work! What can I say, it's perfect wherever I look 😱
numinox's avatar
Jesus how long did this take o-o
I take my hat off to you. Fan F*ing Tastic.
Faved and watched immediately. Hope your patroen BOOMS my friend.
cutesexyrobutts's avatar
thank you very much for the kind words
probably like 2 days and a half or such
AranKirostok's avatar
So like, 45-ish hours? Still, impressive. So much going on in this background o.o
cutesexyrobutts's avatar
no, that's including the entire time of the day from when it was started and finished
i don't track the active work hours closely, probably 18 hours?
AranKirostok's avatar
Oh. That's even more impressive then!
Man I need to learn to focus more and do things faster ^^;
KurtLogan's avatar
The intricate detail and overall fullness of the shot is just wonderful. You've managed to put so much into the shot without removing attention from the central character.
Nellara's avatar
I really love this! :heart:
EZero34's avatar
I love the amount of detail in this!

Fantastic. :) 
Djake's avatar
Fabulous!  I can practically smell the dust, sweetgrass and burning copper!
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
This looks so cool :D All the details are so amazing 
Honser's avatar
I love how some colors pop out more than normal and how you blended and worked with the background to make it come together. complementing each other. Keep up the good work and thank you.
kaze26's avatar
Spectacular and amazing
naruto34445's avatar
Stunning! A really well done detailed piece of beauty.
Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
Everything is so beautiful, including the girls! :D
There's so much detail and things to look at in the lab. 
Kaguyo's avatar
I am a cat person myself Meow :3 Clap 
Dollwoman's avatar
This would take me 25 years to finish. Amazing!
antcow's avatar
Sleepy cat girl is sleepy on couch X3
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