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#293 Meryl (metal gear solid)

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Solid Snake is going to have a really difficult time bot letting Meryl's huge ass distract him. Snake did not onject one bit to letting Meryl take the lead and can he be blamed. Unfortunately through, that is ot a good place to even attempt a quickie. Can Meryl fit inside of the air duct? Can Snake's solid member even fit in her inviting snatch? Why in the heck did Snake break up with Meryl and let her get married to some loser? Look at what he is missing out on. Snake you fool.

That Ass is really supreme.I would walk through the Gates of Hell to worship it!

We love them TTTHHHHHIIIIIICCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!

Hrrngh colonel, I'm trying to sneak around, but I'm dummy thick, and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards.

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I always feel Meryl doesn't get enough love in the fan art community. You have done VERY well by her, being sure to remind us all what Snake noticed right from the beginning: "You've got a great butt"
She *definitely* can't fit through that vent. Her ass is like twice as thicc as the rest of her.
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Yeah, but it's squeezable. Wink/Razz 
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And now everyone knows why both snake and metal gear are solid.
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Beautiful Detail!
Remember this scene. It is important.
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Sure it is part of the mission, the fun part. Mochiron! 
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Yeah, you have a great butt..
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"I'll never forget a lady."Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Solid Snake 
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Metal rear solid*
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metal gear rock solid
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it's very good!
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A female soldier...?
First it's her eyes, now it's her butt...
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