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  • Listening to: Nature (birds are chattering behind my window)
  • Reading: Tanglewreck (child book)
  • Watching: Hairdresser's Husband (by Patrice Leconte)
  • Playing: Games
  • Eating: RAW
  • Drinking: Water
After some time it looks I will have some inspiration for next art creations.

I would like to prepare some concepts and then become a master of puppet animation, which I like the most!
I have succesfully gone through all messages I have received through a few last years here on dA. I am happy! Be happy with me! I love you everybody!
  • Listening to: Cake band
  • Reading: Leo Babauta: Focus
  • Watching: Out of window
  • Playing: Nerves
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
I have not been here for a few months, maybe years. Just I do not know.
Now I have deleted most of Watchings, I have cleaned up many things. Sorry.
But now... there is a time for rescue the soul of my creations and become the really BIG artist. With its cute tail indeed.
  • Listening to: My heart
  • Reading: Nature
  • Playing: Love
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Colors
Dear watchers and dear visitors!
I would like to announce, that I still live and you can be happy for all the nice piglets of the world!
  • Listening to: Sopor Aeternus
  • Reading: Children poetry
Oh, it is December.
Snow is flying out of heaven.
Just one thing remember.
Nevermore ask the black Raven.
  • Listening to: The Decemberists
  • Reading: Edgar Allan Poe
  • Drinking: Carrot juice
Requesting in comments of this journal is all you have to do in order to get one!:devilish:

Oh well, there's one tiny little condition - you have to offer ten free sketches in your journal as well..=D

6 slots left:

01. :iconsyndraia: Wolfdragon Syndraia -> Result:…
02. :iconziddarri: Flying rainbow sheep -> Result:…
03. :iconhayath: Vampire lolita -> Result:…
04. :iconking-of-earth: Elephant -> Result:…
As nobody sent me a message about catching 1072 pageviews, I reset it for 1500 pageviews. So, when you catch 1500 or very near number and nobody with nearer number will send me a message, I will make some art for you on your wish and you will receive high resolution image of it.
  • Eating: Words
  • Drinking: Word water
Me and all my pigs (I have none) wish you the prettiest year 2010, a lot of ideas, creativity... and pigs! :)
I changed my art themes to paintings and sculpture through Christmas, so I will try to upload it early.

1072 pageviews is very near, so be careful!
  • Eating: Spinach
  • Drinking: Spinach juice
When you catch 1072 pageviews on my dA profile and send me screenshot, I will draw/paint something what you will want and you will receive high-resolution image of it.

So, when somebody likes my art, good luck! :)
  • Eating: Chewing gums
In some crazy countries in the world,
Halloween is unsheathing it's sword,
I will be wearing the pumpkin dress,
I trust I could dream more or less.

Oh, one of my first poems in English everytime.  :pumpkin:  :pumpkin:  :pumpkin:

I hope it has some good rhyme,
when not, let me know anytime.
  • Reading: Dark poetry
  • Playing: With pumkin head
  • Eating: Pumpkin seed
  • Drinking: Pumpkin juice
  • Listening to: Water
  • Reading: Water
  • Watching: Water
  • Playing: Water
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
CutePigTail was born on deviantART! So feed me and do not let me die.