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[YCH] Autmn Afternoon by CutePencilCase [YCH] Autmn Afternoon :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 8 0 [YCH] Halloween Mouse by CutePencilCase [YCH] Halloween Mouse :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 26 2 [Commission] Untitled Work Ref Sheet by CutePencilCase [Commission] Untitled Work Ref Sheet :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 21 0 [Commission] Icon Akochi by CutePencilCase [Commission] Icon Akochi :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 20 0 Raritatoe Pile by CutePencilCase Raritatoe Pile :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 12 0 [Commission] Krissy Armour by CutePencilCase [Commission] Krissy Armour :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 17 0 [Commission] Plushie Nest by CutePencilCase [Commission] Plushie Nest :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 16 0 [Commission] Sundaw Telegram Stickers by CutePencilCase [Commission] Sundaw Telegram Stickers :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 16 0 [Commission] Sundaw Reference Sheet by CutePencilCase [Commission] Sundaw Reference Sheet :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 12 0 Inktober 2018-Slice by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Slice :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 15 0 Inktober 2018-Jolt by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Jolt :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 24 0 Inktober 2018-Clone by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Clone :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 13 0 Inktober 2018-Gift by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Gift :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 15 2 Inktober 2018-Thunder by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Thunder :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 11 0 Inktober 2018-Stretch by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Stretch :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 13 1 Inktober 2018-Prickly by CutePencilCase Inktober 2018-Prickly :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 16 0

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I've been practicing other things, but they don't normally end up here
Just lots and lots of ponies…


(Derpibooru verification: DERPI-LINKVALIDATION-C44159176D)
October is here and with it, my commissions are open again
You can find the full information and prices here:…

And since it's Inktober:  20% OFF on Ink drawings!
Remember that my prices don't include shipping.

1- Beardsly (discord)
2- Foxlover91
3- SunDaw
4- Sweet Lullaby (amino)
5- KrissyTheScot

Digital Commission Price List by CutePencilCaseTraditional Commission Price List by CutePencilCase
September is over and October is about to start!
Inktober here I go!!! I'm compeletly unprepared, but hopefully it won't be as big of a disaster as last year.

And here's the art:
There's quite a bit of it, ut since so much of it is the comic pages that were already done beforehand, it feels a little bit like cheating.
[Page 6] Sword by CutePencilCase [Page 7] Shy by CutePencilCase [Page 8] Crocked by CutePencilCaseMouse Hoodie by CutePencilCase [Page 9] Screech by CutePencilCase [Page 10] Gigantc by CutePencilCase [Commission] Sepia Telegram Stickers by CutePencilCase Goat Telegram Stickers by CutePencilCase [Page 12] Shattered by CutePencilCase [Patreon Postcard] Happy Brithday Soma by CutePencilCase [Page 13] Teeming by CutePencilCase [Page 14] Fierce by CutePencilCase[Commission] Plushie Nest by CutePencilCase [Page 15] Misterious by CutePencilCase [Page 16] Fat by CutePencilCase[Commission] HoboLuna Stickers by CutePencilCase [Page 17] Graceful by CutePencilCase [Page 18] Filthy by CutePencilCase [YCH] Hoodie! Sundaw by CutePencilCase [Page 19] Cloud by CutePencilCase [Commission] Amoured Arty by CutePencilCase [Page 20] Deep by CutePencilCase [Commission] SunDaw Icon by CutePencilCase [Patreon] Traditional Stickers by CutePencilCase [Page 21] Furious by CutePencilCase [Page 22] Trail by CutePencilCase [Page 23] Juicy by CutePencilCase[Commission] OliverTheMouse Telegram Stickers by CutePencilCase [Page 24] Blind by CutePencilCase [Page 25] Ship by CutePencilCase[Commission] Night Lake by CutePencilCase [Page 26] Squeak by CutePencilCase [Page 27] Climbing by CutePencilCase[Commission] Happy Flights by CutePencilCase [Page 28] Fall by CutePencilCase [Page 29] United by CutePencilCase [Page 30] Found by CutePencilCase [Page 31] Final by CutePencilCase Dragon Treasure by CutePencilCase
All the slots are taken, I'll be opening commissions again next month!

Here are the September slots, this is the last month before uni starts, so if you have anything with a tight deadline, this is the best month to ask for it.

I accept Furry, MLP and Pokemon characters, if you aren't sure if you're character fits in any of this feel free to ask:
  • Digital
  • Traditional
  • Telegram stickers
  • Watercolour Postcards
  • Reference sheets
Full information:…

  1. Artorias-Rendall (FurAffinity)
  2. QTLuna
  3. OliverTheMouse (FurAffinity)
  4. idie970
  5. Secret Surprise!

Digital Commission Price List by CutePencilCaseTraditional Commission Price List by CutePencilCase
This week I'm also doing a YCH auction, check it here if you're…
YCH-Hoodie! (auction) -4 HOURS LEFT- by CutePencilCase

If you don't want or can commission me but you still want to support me, you can check my patreon:


[YCH] Autmn Afternoon
One last fall themed YCH before Christmas!
Comfy clothes and hot chocolate and the best way to pass the weekend when it's cold and grey outside ^^

35$+.Soft Shading

Open to MLP and Furry characters

Check the auction here:…

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[YCH] Halloween Mouse
Thank you to :iconsundaw: for commission me to draw my own character and then being super patient when I got distracted by my boyfriend visiting ^^


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Feliz cumpreanos dende Galicia (ESPAÑA)! Que a vergoña, o medo e a negatividade non invadan o teu corpo e mente enteiros. Segue evolucionando e creando co mellor que lle gusta e sabe facer. A fin de contas, nunca é demasiado tarde para evolucionar e crear. Manténllao arriba o gran traballo con alegría, amor nel, con gran positividade e CARPE DIEM ET NOCTEM! ( = 0 u < = )
Atentamente, o teu amigo
Juan Carlos "JC2PR" (tamén coñecido como Gali o Randomniano Creadomertista)
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