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Greaser Guy by PoisonAffairs Greaser Guy :iconpoisonaffairs:PoisonAffairs 9 10
Trigger game|Kankri X Reader
    You slumped down into the sofa you had shared with you Matesprit Kankri Vantas.Even though you two had been together for 3 years you were never really extremely affectionate to eachother due to Kankri's Trigger warnings when you attempted some Sexy time.A loud and fake sigh was forced from your mouth as you stared at the large television in front of you.When you looked at Kankri you could see he was trying to ignore you and focus on the movie.You had forced another sigh out which this time grasped your matespirts attention."Kanny I'm bored.." You complained
    "Well if you are bored [F/N],Please watch the movie.Your whining is triggering me.#Whining." Kankri had said before blowing his whistle in a tiny toot to let you know about the trigger.
    You had fixed your seating so that you had been curled up in the corner of the sofa."Kanny,Please can you play a game with me?I've Seen this movie three times already and it's not funny anymore." your eyes we
:iconmercenaryblood:MercenaryBlood 445 178
Setting her suitcase down she looked around her new room, it was bleak and bland. One bed, one dresser, two drawers, one closet and a desk and a window over the bed, curtains closed. They were all the same color, white; her room was a light shade of blue and the carpet shag white. She sighed and couldn’t wait to decorate it to look like her old room back at her old home, which was across the country. Oh how she missed it so, her two friends gave her a goodbye party that still gives tears to her eyes, and her classmates did the same. It surprised her so much they didn’t even show signs of liking her in the beginning but said that without her the class would be darker without her imagination to brighten it back up again. She could cry right now just by thinking about it, but didn’t.
She looked at the room even further and found nothing of interest, moving was hard even if you had something better to move to. When you been in one place for song long it gets harder to lea
:iconfindmyface:findmyface 431 93
Ben X Reader -RQ- All Mine
'Come on! stop being a baby!' you shouted at your self, Oh how you wanted so badly to tell him this. If you don't do it now you would regret it later. 'What if he tries to kill me!' you said contradicting yourself, 'You can't run away from your problems you face them HEAD ON!' you shouted back at your self. You were becoming more unstable by the second when you thought about him.Its has only been one week since you got your new computer program called 'Chat Bot' and you felt as you were losing every last bit of since you had left. You didn't want to believe it was 'Alive' but every chat you would have with it just got more and more realistic to the point at if he knew what you looked like and the faces you would make. It was creepy, You wanted to delete the program so badly but every time you would even attempt it the computer would black out or static would appear on the screen.
It was like...the program...didn't wanna go away...
It was even worst at nig
:iconwhendarknestakesover:WhenDarknesTakesOver 171 88
APH - Thailand Emoticon - 02 by sweetcrescent APH - Thailand Emoticon - 02 :iconsweetcrescent:sweetcrescent 280 33 APH - Thailand Emoticon - 01 by sweetcrescent APH - Thailand Emoticon - 01 :iconsweetcrescent:sweetcrescent 198 26
Do Vampires Cuddle?|RomaniaxReader
Request for zombiebunny606
You crept to the couch where the young man was reading a novel and started to poke him.
"VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD." you said, punctuating his name with a poke for each time you said it. The Romanian sighed and put his bookmark in his book.
"What is it, (y/n)?" he said exasperatingly. You smiled sweetly and jumped onto the couch next to him.
"Well, you know how you're a vampire?"
"(y/n), how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not a vampire?"
You poked his mouth and pointed the corners of his mouth to reveal a sharp canine. He smacked your hand away. "Hey!" you protested. "I'm not a vampire." he said bluntly.
You rolled your eyes and sang, "Denial~" Vlad sighed. He didn't know how he survived his whole life with you being his best friend. But the two of you were like two peas in a pod and extremely close.
Not that he didn't know you had a huge crush on him since the fifth grade.
"Anyways, I want to lea
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 859 119
England X Reader- Pride
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Hetalia related…Neither do I own you…
You sighed happily as you sat on the bench in the park. It was one of those rare sunny days and you were enjoying it very much as you waited for your boyfriend to show up.
That's right…Your boyfriend
You were always one of those people whom others assumed would never find "the one". You didn't talk much to those outside your little group of friends. Also, unlike the average person, you didn't change who you were in order to be accepted by more people. This was how you always were…So everyone believed you would never find your match.
Then, not long after you moved to London following your twenty-second birthday, you met him. He was handsome, with messy, dark gold hair and brilliant green eyes that seemed to capture your soul. He had unusually thick eyebrows, but you felt they added a certain charm to him. He was far more courteous than any other man of your generation whom you
:iconlasmn18:lasmn18 905 321
Mute!Reader/Karkat - speak
You thanked the internet and texting for giving you a voice of sorts.
At least by text you could talk freely to your buddies without worrying about acting out what you want and need(which was a little frustrating at times). But even then, at least if you pointed at something or acted out well enough, people could understand you.
But you don't think there's a proper way to 'say' "I love you". At least, not to Karkat Vantas.
You've liked him for a while now. He's a good friend of yours, and while he's extremely cranky, he does have a soft side to him. He pities you because of your speech disorder, and does his best to help you. But even he knows that just because you can't speak, doesn't mean you can't irritate him sometimes when you get smart with him. He is mostly kind with you though and helps you out whenever you want something(he just plays it off as 'one of his duties as a leader') and you appreciate him for that. Sometimes you even give him small kisses on the cheek when he's bein
:iconnagane-yumi:Nagane-Yumi 453 118
Karkat x Reader: Drunken rage
"Ugh..." you groan as you reach over to your nightstand to pick up the phone. you looked at the time and quickly ignored the call, even though it was Jade,one of your best friends,'4:13 am...who the hell calls at 4:13 am?' you think, rolling over on your side. You were just about to fall back asleep when the phone rings again,'WHAT THE HELL!?' you think and pick up the phone,"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"
"_____!_____! Oh my god guess what!" she sounded really excited.
"What is it jade?" you ask trying not to sound irritated.
"Its Karkat's twenty-first birthday!" she shouts,"We have to get him something!"
"Why should we? You know he'll just find something bad to say about it anyways. Did you forget that he's a professional in douchebagery?" you said.
"Oh, come on,_____. Nobody celebrates his birthday..."
"Gee, i wonder why. Can i get some sleep now?"
"No. You have to be nice to the poor guy before i can let you sleep."
"But i hate him with a passion! Everyone knows that!" you protest,"He hates m
:iconskelletonhand:SkelletonHand 278 229
7 Buckets in Hell(Karkat x Reader)
"I got... Karkat."
Everyone looks at Karkat and you pause realizing who's name you had just read aloud. When you notice Karkat groan and stand you freak. Rose shoves you forward toward the closet and you growl at her. Dave grabs you and Karkat and shove's you both into the closet. Karkat falls and you land ontop of him.
He groans something muffled and you look at him as the door slams closed. "Huh?" You ask. He picks his head up and growls, "GET OFF ME." You freak and quickly stand in the dark closet. He slowly stands and pops his back. "OY..." He says. "Sorry Karkat. Didnt mean to land on your back." You say. "NAH IT ISNT YOUR FAULT... ITS THAT ASS HOLE DAVE'S FAULT." He says. You giggle a little and sigh.
You both sit and against the wall and sit in silence for a moment until you hear someone yell. "You guys kissing!?" You both suspect its Vriska. "So.... Karkat. Why did you even come to this party? I cant see you much of a party guy." You say. "ACTUALLY... I ONLY CAME CUZ I HEARD YO
:iconicecreamlips:icecreamlips 348 115
I want more Karkat x Reader
CG:Just because we argue,
just because we spit and fight.
CG:It never meant I hated you.
I wanted to have a close relationship with you, one that would surpass all the quadrants.
Never wanted to be your kismesis.
CG:Whenever I asked to be in one of your quadrants, you always refused. I asked to be your moirail and auspistice because, I didn’t have confidence you would agree to being my matesprit. But when you asked to be my kismesis, my heart plummeted, but I still agreed. I thought ‘As long as I can be with [Name]’ but now...I can’t stand it. Knowing you hate me, having to inflict pain onto you just to hide my feelings now?! I can’t do it.
I was scared. As a human I was never quite sure about ‘quadrants’ but I still knew what they symbolized. When you offered to be my moirail, to be honest, i
:iconsignlessvantas69:SignlessVantas69 485 87
Nightmare (KarkatxReader)
Karkat straightened at the sound of you muttering from the doorway. His grey hands slowed their typing, but he grummbled to himself and looked over his shoulder, only to find you rubbing your eyes, your body hunched due to your grogginess. He sighed and snapped,"What is it, (Name)?"
You lowered your hands from your face. Resting a hand against the doorway to make sure you didn't fall due to your fatigue, you replied,"I... I had a nightmare."
The troll let out a groan as he turned his attention back to the computer. The keys clicked repeatedly, giving you the assumption that he was either attempting to hack or chatting to a friend of his. "It's what you get," he said irritably,"You're the one who chose to not sleep in a recuperacoon."
It was a couple of minutes filled with nothing but the clack clack clack of the keys. Karkat could tell you hadn't gone back to your room. You were just standing there, watching. Like you were waiting for something. He groaned again.
:iconauthor-assassin:Author-Assassin 555 149
Pop-Rocks (KarkatXreader )
your name is _____, and this is whats happening.
Let's explain, shall we? You sit there smirking like a perverted idiot but what you're smirking at has nothing to do with your pervy mind. You have just handed your best-friend, (and flush crush) Karkat, a small bag of pop-rocks. This is going to be entertaining. “WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK IS THIS _____?” he bitched as he examined the bag closely.
You giggle quietly, “It's candy. Just try it? Please?” He sighs and rips open the top of the bag. “WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?” “Oh for fuck sake Karkat just eat it!”
He surrenders silently at your sudden snap at him. You watch as he pours a small amount of the red pebble-like candy into his hand. You motion for him to continue and he rolls his eyes but obliges. As soon as the candy hits his tongue you begin to hear the sound of the popping and so does he. His eyes widen and he proceeds to freak the fuck out.
:iconthecowgoesmoo12:Thecowgoesmoo12 548 323
Lock Picks and Cookies (ReaderXVantas family)
     Okay, Lock pick kit? Check.
     Stuff to make cookies with? Check.
     Stalking the Vantas' house to make sure their not there? Check!
     Now for an explanation, you had grown up down the street to the vantas' since they moved in when you were four. You loved them since they were your second family even though Kankri can be as he puts it 'Triggering' and karkat is an idiotic ass! Signless was cool even if he was somehow the most manly man yet the most unmanly you've ever met even though you had no idea how that worked!
     Oh dear you got off subject! Well you had found out from Coronus, more like bugged the hell out of him until he answered you, that Kankri and Karkat both loved chocolate chip cookies! So here you were picking the lock to their house in order to get in and surprise them with these wonderful treats!Finally you managed to pick the lock only to walk into a war zo
:iconkoyukizaku:KoyukiZaku 378 614


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