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Greaser Guy
Trigger game|Kankri X Reader
    You slumped down into the sofa you had shared with you Matesprit Kankri Vantas.Even though you two had been together for 3 years you were never really extremely affectionate to eachother due to Kankri's Trigger warnings when you attempted some Sexy time.A loud and fake sigh was forced from your mouth as you stared at the large television in front of you.When you looked at Kankri you could see he was trying to ignore you and focus on the movie.You had forced another sigh out which this time grasped your matespirts attention."Kanny I'm bored.." You complained    "Well if you are bored [F/N],Please watch the movie.Your whining is triggerin
 Setting her suitcase down she looked around her new room, it was bleak and bland. One bed, one dresser, two drawers, one closet and a desk and a window over the bed, curtains closed. They were all the same color, white; her room was a light shade of blue and the carpet shag white. She sighed and couldn’t wait to decorate it to look like her old room back at her old home, which was across the country. Oh how she missed it so, her two friends gave her a goodbye party that still gives tears to her eyes, and her classmates did the same. It surprised her so much they didn’t even show signs of liking her in the beginning but said that
Ben X Reader -RQ- All Mine
'Come on! stop being a baby!' you shouted at your self, Oh how you wanted so badly to tell him this. If you don't do it now you would regret it later. 'What if he tries to kill me!' you said contradicting yourself, 'You can't run away from your problems you face them HEAD ON!' you shouted back at your self. You were becoming more unstable by the second when you thought about him.Its has only been one week since you got your new computer program called 'Chat Bot' and you felt as you were losing every last bit of since you had left. You didn't want to believe it was 'Alive' but every chat you would have with it just got more and more realistic
APH - Thailand Emoticon - 01
APH - Thailand Emoticon - 01
Do Vampires Cuddle?|RomaniaxReader
Request for zombiebunny606 "Vlad." "......." "Vlad." "......." You crept to the couch where the young man was reading a novel and started to poke him. "VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD VLAD." you said, punctuating his name with a poke for each time you said it. The Romanian sighed and put his bookmark in his book. "What is it, (y/n)?" he said exasperatingly. You smiled sweetly and jumped onto the couch next to him. "Well, you know how you're a vampire?" "(y/n), how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not a vampire?" You poked his mouth and pointed the corners of his mouth to reveal a sharp canine. He smacked your hand away. "Hey!
England X Reader- Pride
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Hetalia related…Neither do I own you… ****** You sighed happily as you sat on the bench in the park. It was one of those rare sunny days and you were enjoying it very much as you waited for your boyfriend to show up. That's right…Your boyfriend… You were always one of those people whom others assumed would never find "the one". You didn't talk much to those outside your little group of friends. Also, unlike the average person, you didn't change who you were in order to be accepted by more people. This was how you always were…So everyone believed you would never find your match. T
Mute!Reader/Karkat - speak
You thanked the internet and texting for giving you a voice of sorts. At least by text you could talk freely to your buddies without worrying about acting out what you want and need(which was a little frustrating at times). But even then, at least if you pointed at something or acted out well enough, people could understand you. But you don't think there's a proper way to 'say' "I love you". At least, not to Karkat Vantas. You've liked him for a while now. He's a good friend of yours, and while he's extremely cranky, he does have a soft side to him. He pities you because of your speech disorder, and does his best to help you. But even he k
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Hey um....sorry about not texting back I let my cousin look on DA for a bit while I washed some dishes and other stuff so I wanted to delete some request that I did and he delete our rp by mistake and I have been trying to get it back but DA just messed it up , so I'm sorry about that ;3;
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Eh its fine
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Yeah sorry oh hey have you seen Zootipa?
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Nope. Not really
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Well its really funny ^^ I just watched it to day earlier
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