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Duo of Mass Destruction

Because I liked how Katheren looked so very much in this picture, I envisioned her with her lover, the necromancer called The Immortal (Immy, as we frequently call him.)

In roleplay, they're a passionate, violent couple who, to say the least, have a mutual interest in destruction and seeing things bleed and burn. The players are, to say the least, delightfully fun and adorably insane. I love these two.

They're a very sensual couple in my art, because I can't really envision Kath as sweet and innocent. I always draw her with a sultry expression, her eyes half lidded, sexy and alluring; descriptions you normally don't attribute to Lineage II dwarves. I play on the fact that people probably misattribute that Immy is a pervert with a taste for young looking flesh, and his smirk says he's well aware of the squick that most people would attribute to the relationship - and doesn't give crap, especially as since he's human, she's significantly older than he is by at least a few decades, if not by a century. The way I draw them together leaves no doubt that they're very much sexually involved, and enjoying it very, very much. They delight in the discomfort they cause and enjoy playing with that discomfort, like a cat playing with a dead mouse.

I used to portray Immy as a wiseass, if somewhat innocent and idealistic... until Katheren corrupted him even more.

Delightfully, hair-raisingly gruesome, aren't they?

The sketch took me maybe five minutes or so to draw, so I didn't do detailwork except on their faces. I also did the basic outlines here.
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Is Immy watching the 'camera' here ?

either way it's a nice sketch