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I have finally hit 50 llamas ~ hurray! Maybe I should draw the llamas I've gotten so far and thank those deviants who gave them ~ 

Currently I have been giving quite a lot of llamas. I may change how often and when I give llamas in the future though. For now, 

I give them when:
- I like your artwork
- to thank you for the fave/like/comment/watch
- You gave me a llama (so I'll give you one in exchange)

Shall post out my llama drawings here if I finally draw them ~

Super lazy so I just traced lineart from an actual llama photo (sorry!! If I don't do it quickly, I have a feeling that I won't ever do it :( ). Actually drew some llamas on paper but was lazy to scan them into the computer [and it was a really rough sketch]

Llama - Thank you VermeilleRose for introducing me to this llama feature!
Normal-llama by cutelightangel

Super Llama - You are super, groovygillian ~
Super-llama by cutelightangel

Albino Llama - Thanks alipokemon ~~
Albino-llama by cutelightangel

That's all for lazy me today. Trying to figure out what serious deviation to draw next.
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zealrax Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Yay! Llamas ftw :p
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Submitted on
June 18, 2015