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Haven't drawn some chibis in a while, so why not let me draw your OC/requests?


Estimated time of completion: 2 weeks for each artwork (regrettably I'm still busy even though I have holidays... T.T)

Past chibi requests: (style may change somewhat)
  [Fanart] 2B Chibi Doodle by cutelightangel [Fanart] Himawari Chibi by cutelightangel [Request] Scott Chibi by cutelightangel [Request] Meredith, Merida Ella Isabelle Chibi by cutelightangel

What I won't draw:
- Furries, animals etc
- ecchi, hentai, rated stuff
- too complicated designs will be simplified

Just comment with art/links to your character reference/sample art etc and I will select those that I'm interested in. Thank you ~

1. :iconvanes-kha: [Request] Gardening
2. :iconpieriteyt: [Request] The Green Shield / Danny Wright
Okay, so I haven't taken stock of my art progress since Jan 2016 (oops), so I'm going to do one for this year. I'm the kind of person who wishes that they would magically be good at something but often can't set aside enough time to practice and ensure that it comes through. So this is another attempt for me to measure my progress and set some art goals for the new year.

Things I've achieved in 2017:
Monthly Art Challenge - 8/12 months successful. Problematic months: Jan (partially), Feb, Apr, Sep, Oct. The same problem again; in some months (during holidays), I churn out many art pieces, while in other months, there's nothing, not even sketches.
Art Contests - Kaiyakii's 7 Day Art Challenge and CrimsonContest's Draw their OC Contest
Events - CrimsonContest's Secret Santa
Requests - Chibi (2), Regular (6) [that's a lot for me! Considering the amount of original art I've made...]

Goals for 2018:
Finish that online art course I've enrolled in - currently have only submitted my first assignment
Fill that new sketchbook I got from my Japan trip - draw anything of interest!
Be more creative with my artwork title and descriptions - currently the title is uncreative and the description area is just a place for me to rant lol.
Try an art trade!
Save up for 1 month CORE membership - Open cheap commissions. Be confident enough and improve workflow to reduce time spent.
EDIT: Done with my entry, but I was late. Seems like I estimated myself too highly to be able to finish it in 1-2 days haha. Oh well.

Finally going to give it a try after seeing it on dA for 2 years... This will be the event I'll be taking part in!

I don't have many expectations for it, except to force myself to draw more + with better quality. Also to make sure I draw an artwork for December so my monthly art compilation doesn't look too empty...

Secret Santa Event!It's the season to be giving! 
It's a season to give a gift to random strangers and receives gift from another random stranger! 
Also a good friend is returning to help me I'm pretty sure you all remember VioVision !!!
Are you ready to give art to a ranodm stranger? YE YOU ARE!
Well today is your lucky day! Time for this event to get started where you can become a secret Santa! This event is basically where we get people to enter they fill out the form and based off the forms and what the people want and what others can draw, we will give you the perfect secret santa and make you a perfect secret santa!
> It has to be public 
> Tag the person you did the drawing for!
> Don't try to bail out after you are assigned to someone
> Please keep secret santa request pg-13
One of my fave artists that I'm following ~ ^^
Check out her artwork!

Her raffle journal:
<da:thumb id="699929722"/>
Opening 2 Chibi request slots ~

Not on a first come, first serve basis, I'll choose the characters that I'll want to draw. I'll try not to pick users who have been picked for past requests ~ I will choose one male and one female character to draw.

This request is for me to practice my chibi style. It will be coloured. Most current chibi artwork here:
  [Fanart] 2B Chibi Doodle by cutelightangel [Fanart] Himawari Chibi by cutelightangel

Drawing speed: One request/week since I'm currently busy with other matters. But I still want to open requests now ~

May be stopping requests in the near future when I feel that my skills are good enough to start charging a little. 

What I won't draw:
- Furries, animals etc
- ecchi, hentai, rated stuff
- too complicated designs will be simplified

Confirmed slots:
Male character: :icondanadani: ([Request] Scott Chibi)
Female character: :iconjohnnartrequester: ([Request] Meredith, Merida Ella Isabelle Chibi)

If I'm unclear on anything, please feel free to ask ~ Thank you for your interest! ^^
UPDATE: Selected the entries that I'll be drawing. Thanks for suggesting! Some of them are hard for me to draw at the moment, so they weren't picked. I may do a small doodle of them though! Hoping to do a colouring test wth these two requests.

Heyhey, I've nothing to do so I've decided to open requests (again)!! just kidding, I have lots of important things to do (T.T) but I also want to draw more art, so...

WILL BE COLOURED with simple bg, Estimated time taken for each request: 5 days.

Some of my (nicer) recent work:
[Fanart] Victorique de Blois by cutelightangel Yukata by cutelightangel Endless Possibilities for Lunch by cutelightangel [Fanart] Princess Asuna by cutelightangel [Request] OC Yoko Catherine Osaka White by cutelightangel

What I can draw:
1. anime/manga style
2. boys/girls (girls much better though)
3. random props

What I won't draw
1. ecchi, hentai
2. too young/old people (I need more work on these...)
3. too complicated designs (I will most likely get confused before being able to draw it lol)

Feel free to attach your designs and I'll reply if I am comfortable with your design ~

Thank you for your interest!

1. :icontenepris: ([Request] Ochita)
2. :iconcamicamcan: ([Request] Pastel Bunny)
Just completed a week's worth of artworks! A feat that has never happened before, due to me being lazy or drained. One day draw so much, another day don't draw at all... Participated in Kaiyakii's art challenge on a whim...

But I've managed to do it!! Tada ~ *w*
Although most are sketches/lineart only...

[Fanart] Little Witch Academia by cutelightangel [Fanart] Nyanko-sensei by cutelightangel Endless Possibilities for Lunch by cutelightangel [Fanart] Victorique de Blois by cutelightangel Aquarium by cutelightangel Fire Elf by cutelightangel Yukata by cutelightangel

Here's the rest of my summer to-do list. Hope I actually get to doing them before my other commitments catch up with me...

To-do list:
Draw OC Alethia Character Sheet
Finish colouring Sakura fanart
More fanarts ~
Draw more chibis
*Practise drawing guys (didn't get to drawing them much because they looked weird/off someway and I needed to be efficient for the challenge)
EDIT: 8/6: Done with all 3 sketches! Finally... Why did I even colour them all, where did I manage to find the time and motivation? I don't know. Probably not going to open requests for a while.

For the last request, I'll be putting it off a while. Welp the character design is more complicated that I thought at first, and I have no sketch ideas at the moment.


Hello all~ Gonna open sketch request slots as I have some time and need practice!

Princess Asuna by cutelightangel Doodle8 by cutelightangel Sketch by cutelightangel

What I can draw:
1. anime/manga style
2. boys/girls (girls much better though)
3. random props

What I won't draw
1. ecchi, hentai
2. too young/old people (I need more work on these...)
3. too complicated designs (I will most likely get confused before being able to draw it lol)

I haven't decided if I'll do headshot, bust up or full body, depends on the design! Likely won't be coloured or will have simple colouring.

Hope to finish a sketch within 5 days (or earlier). Will update if it takes longer than expected.

Feel free to attach your designs and I'll reply if I am comfortable with your design~

Thank you for your interest!

Confirmed slots:
1. ShizukuOsakaFan99 ([Request] OC Yoko Catherine Osaka White)
2. Dragonqueen993 ([Request] OC HighJinx)
3. Sapphrie27 ([Request] Sapphire)
*. SleepingAyumu ([Request] NYMPHetamine)
Okay, maybe some doodles and sketches, but nothing proper enough. And I actually tried to draw some stuff, but abandoned them after awhile because of boredom. Hopefully I'll get back to them.

I'll get to making at least one presentable art to post for April though. Must practice and improve ~!!

In the meantime, here's one of my sketches from 2 weeks back. 

Studying by cutelightangel
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If you like cute art style, why not try participating in this raffle? :D
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Haha finally after 6 years I have reached the 2k pageviews ~

Lately (this past week) I've been drawing more often and actually enjoying the process, which is good. Although I have many things I need to work on, it's nice just being able to allocate time to practice. Now I am also trying to learn how to use Illustrator, and hopefully learn InDesign by next year. Hopefully I don't decide to do too many things until I can't get the important tasks done...

Side note: Playing Ikki's route in AMNESIA earlier and whoa, my impressions of him changed a lot from the start. Heh. Too bad I couldn't get a good ending on my first try. Oh well.
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These few weeks I haven't had the time to draw, even though I have some ideas and want to practice more.

My holiday job suddenly got busier, and I also have to complete my report (which is still in it's second draft) and due 13 July. Hopefully I can get it done by the 7th so I can be free to draw after the 10th. Wishful thinking, but I hope it comes true.

If I have any requests pending, I have not forgotten about you! Just that I'm busy at the moment...

Somehow I feel that I'm busier during my holidays than during school time? Maybe it's because I don't procrastinate as much...

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<da:thumb id="611116539"/>

Check out their art ~
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I started drawing on a tablet yesterday and noticed that my art was quite sketchy, unlike when I used the mouse to draw. I probably need some time to get rid of this habit, so I'll be drawing as much as I can to get used to it and fix my style. I'll put the chibi requests on hold (for about a week) until I can fix my style.
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Since I have finished all my sketch requests, I would now like to open chibi requests!

They will be done digitally and coloured with cel-shading. Here is an example of my chibi style:

Chibi example by cutelightangel

Comment below with your character and/or reference sheet if you want to request ~
I will take a look at the design before I decide to accept or not.

1. :iconcartoon56: ([Request] Lorelei Sanchez Chibi)
2. :iconblackmambazane: ([Request] OC Daray Chibi)
3. :iconjonwii: ([Request] Chibi Carrie)
4. :iconbakagummi: ([Request] Neko in a box)

I plan to do 1 request per week, so it may be a while till you get yours.

Thank you for reading ~~

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Since I have some free time and don't know what to draw, you can request some sketches! They will be done on paper and inked. On a good day they'll be scanned instead of me just taking a photo of it and editing it slightly.

I don't want to do digital art at the moment because doing lineart using a mouse is unproductive. I *may* colour these sketches in the future.

Examples of sketches:
Panda Backpack Sketch by cutelightangel  Wedding Dress Sketch by cutelightangel  Wedding Kiss Sketch by cutelightangel

What I can draw:
PG-13 (not confident otherwise ... )

What I can't draw:
Manly guys (they end up looking a lot like girls ...)
Non-anime style, animals etc.
I am still figuring out exactly what I can and can't draw, so I will try first and may reject your request if I think I can't do it well enough.

Opening up 3 slots for now because I don't know how many people would be interested. May open more slots in the future.

Will take a while to draw them. May do 1-2 requests in a week.

Request form
Just fill out whatever you can and I'll see if it can be done
Character(s) (up to 2):
Background idea (if you have):

1. :iconphantasya-naos: (completed, [Request] OC Phantasya)
2. :iconhinatafox790: (completed, [Request] I'm hungry ...!)
3. :iconstickfreeks: (completed, [Request] OC Theo, [Request] OC Theo (coloured))

Edit: I am finally done with all requests! And I kept to the expected deadline.

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Art styles I like ...

Sat Oct 17, 2015, 10:50 PM
Hey ~ Basically this journal will keep track of my favourite artists and art styles and some styles of art I find cute and interesting. I think that my core membership would run out before I get this done so I don't want to put it in a custom textbox =)

Unique art styles

Background by Exunary Ghost  Of The Galaxies by NanoMortis Devastation by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Simple and nice

coloring by SH24FW<da:thumb id="559068921"/> Tomori Nao Charlotte by Kyomeiyu

Kawaii ~
CM: The Clumsy You by Tetonori The queen [speedpaint added] by naomochi Last days of summer by Kaidachu

Styles I really like
noragami(part03) by INstockee My Own Magic by Nyanfood Commission - Blades by Rosuuri Odd transitions by Pinlin Al coda by Escente

Updating in progress ~

Created by KathleenMitch

Join Kaidachu's raffle ~

Sun Oct 11, 2015, 3:03 AM
If you see this within the next 5 hours, enter this raffle and stand a chance to get a cute chibi!

Join the raffle now ~

<da:thumb id="565521176"/>

Created by KathleenMitch

Umarun ~

Sat Oct 3, 2015, 11:36 PM
So I received the picture I commissioned of Umaru from StazGaskarth a few days ago but was too lazy to post in my journal.

Actually idk what to commission actually, so I searched my watch list for last season's anime and chose one of my favourites. Random right?

But yeah, guess I'm feeling kind of rich at the moment because I can finally commission people ~ (yeah~! but now I need to save up again ...)

The commissioned piece:

<da:thumb id="563720421"/>

I want to make a journal soon about some of my favourite artists (and recent discoveries) but haven't got to it yet ...

Created by KathleenMitch