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Oh my god I still make plans, even though I know I will definitely not stick to them.

Well, here I am! (once again) xD I renewed my Page a little bit. Cleaned out the gallery and I noticed something: My gallery is full of stuff I do for others xD So I will finish my to do list (as seen on my profile) and then continue to draw my Oc's because I have so less time because I need to study and do other personal stuff. 
I also renewed my front page a bit (new Icon, To-Do, Status of Art Trades etc.) 

I'm 20 years old and of course, I will not use my summer holidays to sit in front of the computer and draw. BUT I will help my mom with a new website layout. She needs my help so I will help her and a website does need time. 

So my To-Do List includes:
-> Finish Work for others
-> Help my Mom with her Website
-> Do my work and be creative

Right now I have easter holidays and I need to study again because I didn't pass the one fucking huge exam in January. But yeah... shit happens so I try again and hope to pass this time around! I don't like that I have to read so many books... -.- But I have help from others! So I hope I will pass :) Of course, I do not study 24/7. I mostly study around 4-8 pm with breaks in between and I also help my family. I also had 2 Latin exams and I did pass them (why the fuck do I need to know latin when I study law? Those few words do I know when I look it up in the dictionary. But maybe this language help me in the future) 

So ok that's it xD That was my break! Now I go and study again :)