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Bait for the Psycho Clown
In a dark stormy night, The psycho jester named Kefka walks across the forest. The further he went, the sooner he sees many flames in sight. Large bodies of fire are all over the area. He sees Terra completely injured and Destiny has her foot on her chest. Kefka then smirks and then proceeds over to her.
Kefka) teeheehee. Well done, creature. Like you've fought all the Espers yourself, you've also managed to dominate my sweet little magic user. Considering that you are stronger and more powerful than her, why don't you join me. We will destroy everything together!
Destiny) ...
Kefka) hmm? Not much of a talker? Come forth if you desire more power. I can make you powerful enough to fight the Great Tyrant himself!
Destiny) That "Great Tyrant" you're referring to is my brother. He is already my master. I am not to betray him.
Kefka) But you're only part human as well, aren't you, Missy?
Destiny) *Eyes glow red* You too! I am NOT a human! I am Godzilla and so is my brother. Once the entire
:iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 5 0
Ideas for Godzilla in the world of Balance
This is to give ideas for a script series of when Destiny and Godzilla were both in the world of Balance in Final Fantasy 6. I thought I'd call this "Heart of the monsters." This takes place in an alternate universe of Final Fantasy 6. Terra is the main protagonist considering that Terra tries to protect the world. Kefka is the main antagonist who seeks to gather more power and magic from Espers and then destroy everything. Destiny is an another antagonist who seeks to rule the world with her brother Godzilla. In the world of balance, Godzilla was first referred as "The Tyrant" while Destiny was referred as "The Parasite." If Terra couldn't stop Destiny nor Godzilla, then what will? Surely Kefka might not even though he may plan to use her, considering that Destiny is even more powerful than Terra.
There are other monsters and the other monsters are Rodan, Anguirus, Manda, Varan, Gorosaurus and Baragon. Each monster has their own habitats and Destiny uses her atomic energy to fly over
:iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 5 3
Reece Wilson (Kaiju Heroes) Bio by CuteDragonGirl456 Reece Wilson (Kaiju Heroes) Bio :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 7 6 Miguel Martinez (Kaiju Heroes) Bio by CuteDragonGirl456 Miguel Martinez (Kaiju Heroes) Bio :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 12 0 Little Godzilla babies by CuteDragonGirl456 Little Godzilla babies :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 10 1 Daigoro's mother WHITE MANE by CuteDragonGirl456 Daigoro's mother WHITE MANE :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 8 7 Underworld hope symbols pack 1 by CuteDragonGirl456 Underworld hope symbols pack 1 :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 7 0 Sweet dreams by CuteDragonGirl456
Mature content
Sweet dreams :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 7 3
Escape!! by CuteDragonGirl456 Escape!! :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 11 1 Diablo Ghidorah by CuteDragonGirl456 Diablo Ghidorah :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 4 4 YCH Balance Base by CuteDragonGirl456 YCH Balance Base :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 6 0 grump cactus (BID NOW!!) by CuteDragonGirl456 grump cactus (BID NOW!!) :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 4 4 Unnamed character by CuteDragonGirl456 Unnamed character :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 5 4 Gigan's soldier drones by CuteDragonGirl456 Gigan's soldier drones :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 5 0 Vanellope x Rancis by CuteDragonGirl456 Vanellope x Rancis :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 12 3 Vitus training Kin by CuteDragonGirl456 Vitus training Kin :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 9 0


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I've made a folder for a new series called Ruler of the Ruin. It is a script series with Toho's Godzilla, Destiny, and Final Fantasy characters and monsters^^

Godzilla will soon to claim the whole world for himself once he and Destiny fight off Espers and the entire human race.
Four years ago, somewhere in Puerto Rico, a young girl named Ellie and her younger brother Miguel went into the museum to look at the artifacts that were discovered in the underground. They stopped to look at the giant slab with a foot print of some ancient kaiju far into the past. "What even is that?" Miguel laughed as he pointed at the sketch of Kong fighting Godzilla "It looked like Donkey Kong was about to give that lizard man a punch in the dick." "Stop acting so foolish." Ellie said "All of this is serious history." Then they looked at more of the artifacts and some of them said to be from Planet Halos. "Whoa. Look at this." Ellie said as she looked at the golden trident which is said to be used formerly by the greater master X himself, mainly known as the servant of Keiser Ghidorah. "Yo, Ellie. Come here." Miguel called. Ellie went into the other room and found an egg that is as big as a car. "An egg?" Ellie thought "What is it doing in here?" "Dude! It's like humongous!" Miguel said "I bet that Rodan is in there." "Miguel, don't get too close!" Ellie said "You could break it." "Nah. I wouldn't do that." Miguel said. Then suddenly they heard a roar in a distance. They both rushed at the doors and opens one of them. They looked outside and saw that it was raining really hard. The soldiers quickly evacuate the civilians to a safe place. Then Ellie and Miguel looked around. Then Ellie saw a giant monster with long hair. The monster started destroying buildings and breathing a blast of fire at them. The crowd yelled and panicked "WHITE MANE!"
I've been thinking of adding the little Godzilla babies in Kaiju Heroes. There are seven of them and they belong to Godzilla and his mate Godzilla Sakura (Godzilly/Gojirin)

Here are the names of the little baby Godzillas

Zill (boy)
Zoe (Girl)
Darunia (Boy)
Ra (Girl)
Raji (Boy)
Guiree (Girl)
Don (Boy)
THE END OF THE SPECIAL SERIES OF KAIJU HEROES!! Now there are 120 episodes total!^^


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