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(In Kaiju Heroes special series!)

Golden Kong is equally as strong as King Kong, but Golden Kong can turn into a golden statue so he won't take damage.

Gaia Ghidorah is a three headed brontosaurs kaiju with two tails. And She is the guardian of Halos also known as The second planet earth. She may be the strongest and toughest monster, but she is not much of a fighter, but she can defend herself so she can retreat.

Neo Hedorah is a fungi monster like Hedorah is a smog monster. They are both troublesome.

Subzero is like Moguera, but with drill like shooters that can shoot powerful ice beams at monsters to freeze them.

Hitodah is a starfish monster that's hidden in the deep waters. Like Mogu, Hitodah also has dark powers.

Neo Godzilla is only named because of how he looks. He's not as trouble as Godzilla, but his roar is horrifying and it's incredibly scary.

Barubaroi is a slime monster fused with the micro Destoroyah and goo. Then it mutates micro Destoroyah into some micro goo monster that will soon grow into a giant slime monster of despair.

Count Dracuzilla is the most powerful monster of them all!! Other than Shin Godzilla and Insanity and Red. He cannot be beaten at night. Even if he was, then his health regenerates on his own. He was summoned by a dark wizard who invaded Mothlon kingdom in planet Halos. Khan!! Khan first summoned Red and Solomon, then after hundreds of years, Khan returned and then summoned Count Dracuzilla.

(In Underworld Hope!!)

Kin's real name is "Master Kin!" Kin for short. Master is their name and plus they are a professional pacifist with monsters! They have a mid high pitch voice, but it's hard to tell rather they are he or she. Some refer to them as he and others refer to them as she. Either way, Trent had a huge crush on them^^ Plus Kin is Japanese. They're fast, agile, and really clever.

Trent is an American hero who fights aliens to save humanity. He also serves justice. Trent is very tough.

Inky is a ghostly like goo who is Kin's companion. Kin doesn't talk much, so Inky does most of the talking for them.

There are other monsters like

Beefy the Behemoth
Deimos the Kraken
Venus the plant monster
Fang the giant snake
Shadow the phantom
Yomo the wise man goat
Webby the delivery girl spider
Shorty the midget orc
Manny the Manticore
Darkness the succubus
Lockjaw the skeleton

With Kin's encouragement, the monsters win the battle against the aliens and the alien queen herself.



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Destiny Takahashi and more
PLEASE! Donate points, Animation by imonedesigncutedragongirl456.deviantart.c…
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I'm coming up with the idea of Hedorah returning to reign terror once again and this time they're heading to New York City. So King Kong had to fight them. Then Godzilla came over right after Hedorah retreated at the moment. Then a giant gold statue of Kong was suddenly discovered and it was located in Washington DC. The Kongos from planet Halos came to Earth to investigate on how the statue got there from their land.
I was thinking of adding in the son of Insanity. His name is Kearney. Kearney is nothing like his father, so therefore, Kearney is more of a protagonist. Kearney is still demonic, but he is part demon and part human and part something else which you all will see soon^^

So yeah, Kearney never agreed with Insanity as he commits genocide to all in the universe. Kearney swore to protect it all.
Bringing over some monster that WERE cancelled. I'm adding them into Kaiju Heroes^^

Here are the monsters!

This user :iconprocar: blocks people for stupid reasons and it's for not spreading the medical posts around in DA.

UPDATE!! This user also sends death threats.

Mature Content

20160502 231701 by Procar

Mature Content

20160502 231714 by Procar

Mature Content

20160502 231724 by Procar


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