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Godzilla: Kaiju heroes: Special Episode 3 :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 5 8
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Studio Madness: Episode 8 TMNT :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 6 11
Hotaru the Oni by CuteDragonGirl456
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Hotaru the Oni :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 12 4
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Studio Madness: Episode 7 MAILBAG MADNESS 2 :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 4 16
Studio Madness: Story time 1
Ling) Let me read you all a story that I have wrote. It's called "Please do NOT say fix." Illustrated by my friend Hugo and the title design is made by Boris. Boris is my big brother figure.
*Ling opens the book*
Ling) It was a very sunny morning and the dog named Willy is snoozing. Then the dog got up in a fright as he heard his owner say to himself "Time to fix some breakfast!" Willy started running around in the bedroom and then hid under the bed.
*Turn the page*
Ling) An hour later, the owner's son Tommy came out of the bathroom. Willy walked up to Tommy as he was happy to see him. Tommy was petting him. Willy's owner came over and said "Come on, son. You better get ready. Your cousins, aunts, and uncles will be here any moment."
*Turn the page*
Ling) "Sure thing, dad." Tommy said "But we got a problem." "What is it?" Asked the owner. Willy lifted up his right ear as he was about to listen to what he was about to say. "The faucets all messed up and I can't even brush my teeth."
:iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 6 3
Do you have a favorite student, Baldi? by CuteDragonGirl456 Do you have a favorite student, Baldi? :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 6 17
Mature content
Studio Madness: Episode 6 Video clips 1 :iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 6 2


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New Kaiju Heroes adventures will come soon with new monsters and characters!

Black Anguirus in Kaiju Heroes is a she and she is stronger than her relative Anguirus. Plus she spreads ashes around and shoots a bit of fire.

Silver Rodan in Kaiju Heroes is tougher than it's relative Rodan. Silver Rodan is not as fiery as Rodan, but he is fire resistant and he can create stronger winds, but he is slower.

Blue Baragon in Kaiju Heroes is a lot tougher than Baragon and plus she spreads more fire 5 times as much. Go near her and you'll dehydrate.

Pink Varan in Kaiju Heroes is physically stronger than his relative Varan. Plus Pink Varan is poisonous.

Queen Ghidorah is King Ghidorah's mate. King Ghidorah shoots gravity beams. Queen Ghidorah on the other hand absorbs power from any city she's near and then unleashes powerful beams from each of her three heads and the lightning moves on the ground to shock anyone nearby.



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Should the next episode of Studio madness be about Undertale?
This is a correct theory by :icontriplezero5:

"In Future Planet 3 part 23, Space Godzilla pulled an orb out of Elemental Kong's chest. Well, I thought maybe that after Space Godzilla destroyed it, some remnants of it latched onto Space Godzilla for awhile, until Space Godzilla appeared in Kaiju Heroes, which the remnants of the orb now fell off & Katsuro soon discovered it. He probably turned the remnants into a slime that eventually became Luna."

That is how Luna was made.
This user :iconprocar: blocks people for stupid reasons and it's for not spreading the medical posts around in DA.

UPDATE!! This user also sends death threats.

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20160502 231701 by Procar

Mature Content

20160502 231714 by Procar

Mature Content

20160502 231724 by Procar


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