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UPDATED Group Rules & Info!

Kao Emoji-07 (Left Side) [V1] by JerikutoRULES & THINGS TO KNOW Kao Emoji-07 (Right Side) [V1] by Jerikuto
it's important for the future of the group, and your membership of it that you understand and follow these guidelines below. you can also go here to see the rules in more detail!

• we do not accept the following...
extream gore ¦ fetish/slight fetish ¦ half or fully nude (not including ych unless slightly/heavily implied) ¦ bare cheeks ¦ pantie or bras showing ¦ suggestive poses/clothing/themes ¦ anything that needs a mature tag to view ¦ self-harm or harm to others ¦ furries/anthros that have both a clothed and non-clothed reference in the same picture/journal, or are only half-clothed (for that can be considered half nude.) if all have no clothes on though and nothing that looks inappropriate is showing such as nipples/genitals/bare cheeks, then that is fine. ¦ some literature (we look at all submissions, but if its very long read, we will most likely decline, sorry ; u ; ) ¦ anything that says cool more than cute!

• other things to know about the group...
- though we admins understand the confusion with our group name, our motto is 'cute is the new cool!'. o u o we do not accept 'cool' only works of art. ; u ; your art must be either cute or both cute and cool (but more cute!) to be accepted into our group. we will comment on your submission process if it goes against our rules, but not if its because the particular admin voting at that time found it more cool than cute. ; u ; for we know everyone sees art differently!
- you will get up to 4 warnings if you continuously break the rules. after the 4th warning, if you break another rule, you will be blocked from the group ; u ; we admins understand it can be difficult to remember all group rules from every group you are in, but we also feel we should not have to continue warning you that you broke a certain rule over and over again. ; u ;
- only 1-2 submissions a week. we don't wish to spam our watchers with a ton of one person's artworks to the point they just not look at any of them because there's just to many to look at. ; u ;
- i try to vote on submissions in the morning/afternoon, and then once again in the early/late evening! ; u ; anything that's been submitted for more than 5 hours will be submitted first unless there's not that many submissions to vote on. XD
- submit your art to the 'submission folder'! It's the only folder open to members! ; u ;
- if you do not wish to receive deviation updates, but still want to be part of the group, then please change your 'deviant watch' settings.

thank you for your patience and understanding! continue uploading your amazing works! ~<3
cute is the new cool!

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hello fellow cuteandcool artists! o u o
you can now start submitting your work again to the submission folder! > u <
sorry for the longer wait, but i was busy with stuff XD
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