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Birthstones Nouveau - October

A birthstone series of all the months in art nouveau style.
October - Opal

Birthstone Nouveau Series
Birthstones Nouveau - January by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - February by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - March by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - April by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - May by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - June by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - July by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - August by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - September by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - November by cute-loot Birthstones Nouveau - December by cute-loot

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My mom's Opal.
cute-loot's avatar
Opals are such pretty stones!
DefconLeppard's avatar
I love my birthstone. It's so pretty and has so much variety!
sydneypie's avatar
That's My Birthstone
HTTYDstyle's avatar
I look up birthstones and end up here XD
Opal is my birthstone and I love this art :)
cute-loot's avatar
ARTqueen78's avatar
My sisters birthstones opal! Makes sense....
Mangaka-iska's avatar
My favorite stone is Also mah birthstone!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
cute-loot's avatar
Hooray! Glad you like it. :D
asbestos-soup's avatar
Hehe, my birthstone ;P.

Amazing job! :D
elementalflare21's avatar
This is my birthstone!!!! :D
elementalflare21's avatar
The girl is adorable!!
Ryu-chan8's avatar
she's so cute Tierno 
Saito-Hizuki's avatar
This should be a calendar it would be lovely :happybounce:
cute-loot's avatar
Thanks! I plan to make it one, but because of their portrait orientation I can't easily get it done. I have to figure out a layout and then a calendar will be available.
DemonQueen17's avatar
Nice picture featuring my birthstone.
DanPoch's avatar
Wahoo! I've been waiting to see what you do for the best month of the year! And I'm not just saying that because of Halloween, although that's part of it. Nice. I've enjoyed all of your birthstone drawing. Thanks for sharing them with us.
cute-loot's avatar
Thank you! :)
Halloween is pretty awesome so I gotta agree with you there.
thefailmaster's avatar
loving the neuvau style here, her outfit's cute too.
BlueBanePop's avatar
YAY I'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG~!!:heart: rvmp moomin-hug October is my month of birth, obviously lDD this is so cute, great job!!
cute-loot's avatar
Thanks for being so patient with me! And glad you like it. :D
BlueBanePop's avatar
It reallyisnt that hard its worth the wait c: and yus i do i LOVE it :D
BdudeKnight's avatar
but it's the middle of winter
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