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:iconcutehiplz: Hello my cute comrades!  

I was just wondering what you all thought about sending a "Thank you" message to member's profile pages when they enter a group.

I know it is a bit of a marketing strategy for groups so that their group may be advertised on member's profile pages for a brief time, but to me that made it feel like spamming rather than a thanks. :(

:? I was wondering what other people thought about that from the receiving end.

Do you think we should send these "Thank you" messages to new/current members? Please let me know in the comments. :meow:

Thank you for your time~!
:tea: :cookie:

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floracat33's avatar
You should continue there so nice and sweet and warm welcome! Kawaii Grin Face Emoji  
NasikaSakura's avatar
Thank you so much for your valuable input, sweetheart! :blowkiss: I shall be continuing them, just slowly as there are so many new members each week, they tend to stack up! :giggle:
floracat33's avatar
Np! It's nice thing to do even tho mine was late I stilled loved it! Kawaii Grin Face Emoji .:Small kawaii bunny face :. 
Leon2016's avatar
This is just too cute! Thank you for taking the time to make us feel welcome

Thaankkkksss <3 :D :) :3 :D
NasikaSakura's avatar
My pleasure, sweetie~! :meow:
keytritz's avatar
We gladly welcome was very nice
NasikaSakura's avatar
Thank you. I am very glad that you liked it. :meow:
Im-A-Gay-Mineral's avatar
I really love groups that give you a warm welcome! ^^
I'm really happy that i joined this group and I love the little welcome i got!
:D (Big Grin) 
NasikaSakura's avatar
Awwwww~! :blush: I am very glad to hear that.
Thank you for letting us know!
MintMiu's avatar
Nope,it is fine by me :)
I feel welcome by the group ,although some don't like because they think 'thank you' is a advertisement 
But it's all depends on some artist mood i guess
Ey it's a appreciation for joining,i would do same thing 
NasikaSakura's avatar
I am glad you left your insight. :meow:
I also concern that people get angry thinking it is an advertisement, when really, I truly do intend it as a thanks (dolled up to be "cute" like our group's theme, of course! :heart: ). It used to be only that, but after having been reported so many times as "spam," I got into trouble with the server, and so I have to leave that long excerpt at the bottom of the welcoming message. ;u; I try to make it small and not too bad though.
I am so glad that people still think that it is cute ad nice, even with that having to be there! :glomp:
MintMiu's avatar
Yup,just do it your way but don't make it too long tho Annoying Dog ~
AoInuGetsu's avatar
Of course yes :"3
AoInuGetsu's avatar
It's not bad :"( it is so cute and so kind and so sweet . Thank youuu :"3
NasikaSakura's avatar
I am so glad you thank so! Thank you for leaving your input too! X3
AoInuGetsu's avatar
peony-peach's avatar
Great idea!!! To find such a kindful massage on my page...I was excited! *^_^* Thank you :*
NasikaSakura's avatar
Awww~ ;u; I am so glad that you think so!
Thank you very much for leaving your feedback here! :meow:
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I like it! :la: 
NasikaSakura's avatar
PunchPorcelain's avatar
I suppose it's a cute thing to do. Though, first I'd check if the deviant has  comment or sign on their profile saying they would not like to be thanked. :)
NasikaSakura's avatar
I try to keep that in mind, but it's difficult because I have so many to go through each day. ;u;
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