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Growly~Contemplative avvar!Cullen

By cute-ellyna
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Because I can't seem to stop myself ;)

Cross posted on my tumblr:…
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I greatly approve :>
EggplantRed's avatar
This is lovely!!!
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Thank you so much ❤️
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Oh... oh my

I love this!  That braid was a nice touch :D 

Can ... can I just stare at it?
cute-ellyna's avatar
Ahahah sure, you can stare all the time you want :3 As I told Macynell, I'm sure he likes the attentions ;)

Oh, the first one to think about the braid was siriusdraws on tumblr, actually. I usually don't like men with braids, but it was perfect for this and, god, anything on Cullen looks just amazing XD
AgeOfRogues's avatar
Siriusdraws is brilliant.  You all are fantastic over there on Tumblr :D
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Mmmm....yum. Your avvar!cullen is so beguiling. I kid you not, I'm just staring at him like a lovesick puppy. ❤
cute-ellyna's avatar
Well, you know he's especially yours! And he pretty much likes to being stared at, so don't worry about it ;) (and yeah, don't think I don't have these kind of problems the whole time while I draw him :P)

But.... Thank youuuu!! ❤️
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...and thank YOU, cute-ellyna.  Your talent brings joy to so many of us. You must have an incredibly generous heart to share it so freely.

....and now, back to staring at avvar!cullen. Sweet Andraste, he's so delicious... ❤
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Awesome drawing and great detail! I love your style of work, It really show that you have a imaginative mind also.

cute-ellyna's avatar
Thank you so much!!! And thanks for saying in being imaginative, it's something I put a lot of effort into :)
(oh but well, avvar!Cullen is not my idea though, I'm being inspired by a fanfic by queenoftheprocrastination / medievalcorner, it's called "Captivated" and it's amazing :3)
Deorine's avatar
Awesome! Can't wait to see more.
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